How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi

How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi – 2023 Updated

With a year round spectacular view of snow capped Himalayan ranges, Hatu peak is a beautiful tourist spot in Himachal Pradesh . This blog will share complete knowledge of how to reach  Hatu Peak from Delhi through different modes.  

Where is Hatu Peak located?

Hatu peak is the highest peak in the region near Narkanda, Rampur of  Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh. Narkanda is located on Hindustan Tibet Road. It is around 65 Km from Shimla after Kufri.

Name of the PlaceHatu Peak ( हाटू शिखर ) 
State Himachal Pradesh
District Shimla
Elevation of Place 3400 m, 11200 feet
AccessibilityBy road 
Best time to visitMarch -June & September to November
Distance from DelhiAround 430 Km

How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi

To reach Hatu Peak, you need to first reach Narkanda, which is well connected by road and accessible throughout the year except during very heavy snowfall. Hatu Peak is connected by road and is accessible during the summer season. In winter, trekking is to be done to reach there.

 The distance between Narkanda from Delhi is around 425 Km. There are different modes by which one can reach Narkanda.

How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi

How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi by Road

There are many options for reaching Hatu Peak  by road.

 You can refer to the below table to plan your journey to Narkanda

Sr. No.Location Distance (Km)Elevation (ft)Elevation (m)Time  (Hr)
1New Delhi070022500:00
7Hatu Peak43211200340011:15
How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi

How to reach Hatu Peak  from Delhi on a Bus

If you want to travel to Himachal with a limited budget then traveling by Bus would be the best option. Unlike other hilly states, the bus network in Himachal is very good and night service is also available.

Himachal Pradesh State Owned Buses are called HRTC buses ( Himachal Road Transport Corporation buses). They are usually green/blue in color.   

There are multiple options to reach Narkanda by bus. You can take a bus to major bus stands / ISBTs and then a further connecting bus can be taken.

Before moving to the options we need to understand the route map. 

There are many direct buses from Delhi to Narkanda, then you need to take taxi or trek for reaching Hatu Peak

You can choose the options below for reaching Narkanda.

Option – 1 Delhi  to Narkanda.

There are 4 buses from Delhi to Rampur ( one Volvo bus )


. Option – 2 Delhi to Chandigarh,  then to Narkanda.

From Delhi to Chandigarh:

There are many buses between Delhi and Chandigarh. You can easily get an ordinary/deluxe / Volvo bus very frequently.

From Chandigarh to Narkanda Travel you can read this blog with complete details of Buses . 

Option – 3 Delhi to Shimla, then to Narkanda.

Similar to Chandigarh, bus service from Delhi to Shimla is much more frequent. You can easily reach Shimla based on the connecting bus from Shimla.

From Shimla to Narkanda Travel you can read this blog with complete details of Buses

For online booking of buses on the HRTC website kindly Click here

Note: If you are planning to take an offline HRTC bus, kindly confirm the timings from the HRTC Depot office before finalization. Click here to know the phone numbers. 

How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi on your own Vehicle

If you have good exposure to driving on mountainous roads then this is a perfect option to travel to Hatu Peak. Below are key things to be considered while traveling to Hatu Peak on your own driving.

  1. Around 12 Hrs are required to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi.
  2. Roads till Solan are very good  separate lanes for up and down traffic) and in the rest part till Shimla construction is going on the road..   
  3. Highway from Shimla to Narkanda is in good condition..
  4. You don’t require a 4X4 or a SUV as the normal vehicle can reach there.
  5. In winter there would be high snowfall above Shimla to Hatu Peak. Please plan your journey by checking the weather.
  6. If you want to by-pass Shimla you can go to Chail and then to Kufri. 

How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi on a bike

Kindly consider the below points before planning a trip to Narkanda on a bike.

  1. Every bike can reach Hatu Peak but prefer a bike with > 150 cc engine if you are with a pillion rider. 
  2. You will feel the major variation in the temperature while traveling on a bike as there is a gain and drop of altitude. Shimla to Hatu Peak at a higher altitude than delhi.
  3. Carry rain covers along as there might be rainy uphill while there is a clear sky on the plains.
  4. There would be many landslide-prone areas that are treacherous during the rainy season.
  5. During winters Bike riding is not advisable as there will be snowfall / black ice on roads and bike riding is extremely dangerous..

How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi on a Taxi

Taxis can easily be hired for Hatu Peak and there are many options available on the online platforms. Following key things to be considered while taxing taxis to Hatu Peak.

  1. The Driver should be experienced in traveling in these areas.
  2. Vehicle to be comfortable since travel time would be more than 12 hrs.
  3. Ground clearance of the Vehicle to be good.
  4. Negotiate well before finalization.

How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi by Train

The nearest railway station en route to Narkanda is the Shimla railway station. But this station is on the narrow gauge. You need to change trains from Kalka railway station. The Kalka railway station is for both broad gauge and narrow gauge.

  • Pros
    • This route is a UNESCO world heritage site.
    • Best train route to see beautiful Himalayan mountains.
  • Cons
    • Travel time is much high since the maximum speed of this train is around 30 km/hr
    • The frequency of the trains between Kalka and  Shimla is quite low.

The major train station en route to Narkanda is Chandigarh railway station.

  • Pros
    • There are many regular trains between Delhi and Chandigarh.
    • Taxi service, as well as bus service, is available for further journeys.
  • Cons
    • Since Chandigarh is only 250 km from Delhi, the rest of the journey will be covered on road so better travel the whole journey by road.

How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi by air

Since Hatu Peak  is located inner in the Himalayas, there is no major airport nearby.

  1. The nearest airport en route to Narkanda is Shimla airport.
    • Pros
      • More than half the distance can be covered.
      • Narkanda can be covered in a day if started early from Delhi.
    • Cons
      • The frequency of the flights between Delhi and  Shimla is quite low. 
      • Total travel costs will be much higher.
      • Total distance is not covered.
  2. Another airport en route to Narkanda is Chandigarh airport.
    • Pros
      • There are many regular flights between Delhi and Chandigarh.
    • Cons
      • There is not much time saving on flights from Delhi to Chandigarh.
      • It will be difficult to cover Narkanda in a day.
      • Total distance is not covered.

Summary – “How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi”

Let’s summarize what we have understood in this blog  “How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi ”

  • Hatu Peak is a wonderful travel destination located in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh at around 432 KM from Delhi.
  • You can reach Hatu Peak in 12 hrs from Delhi
  • Hatu Peak can be reached during summers and early winter but the best time is from April – June and then from September – October.
  • Hatu Peak can be reached by self-driven car, bike, taxi, and by Bus.
  • Nearest railway station is  Shimla which is narrow gauge. The major railway station is Chandigarh railway station.
  • Nearest airport is Shimla airport.
  • Cheapest way to reach Narkanda is by the HRTC bus.

We hope you have got a good understanding of “How to reach Hatu Peak from Delhi ”. If you want to give suggestions on this blog ” please comment.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions:

Question – Delhi to Hatu Peak bus

Answer –  There is no direct bus to Hatu Peak. There are many  direct buses from Delhi to Narkanda. Details of the buses are in the blog.

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