The raw beauty and culture of Vietnam


Vietnam is known as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam and is eastern most country on the Indochina peninsula. It is located in Southeast Asia. It is the thirteen most populous country in the entire world.

About the country

The country of Vietnam is larger than Italy and almost the size of Germany. The landscape is made up of hills and mountains full of wild forests. Highlands, Delta of the Red River, Phan Xi Pang define the northern part of the country.

Situated in the Lao Cai province Phan Xi Pang is the highest mountain in Vietnam.

The peaks of the Annamite chain, dense forests, poor soil and lowlands of the coast can be seen in the south.


Halong Bay and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National park are the World Natural Heritages sites of Vietnam. Red River Delta, Can Gio Mangrove forest, Western Nghe An, Cat Tien, Cat Ba, Kien Giang are World biosphere reserves in Vietnam.

Halong Bay Phong Nha-Ke Bang National park

The national parks and forest reserves of Vietnam have a wide array of species of plants and animals.


Vietnam has many cultural influences from China throughout its history.

The language spoken in Vietnam is Vietnamese. Since the 1990s the country has a great exposure to European, Southeast Asia, American media and culture.

‘Ao Dai’ is the traditional clothing

‘Ao Dai’ is the popular traditional garment in Vietnam worn for special occasions such as festivals and weddings.

A white form of the traditional garment is the uniform fro girls in many schools across the country. This clothing was once upon a time worn by both men and women. But nowadays is worn only by women. But for culture related traditional occasions men also wear it.


Many vegetables and less oil is used in the Vietnamese style of cuisine. Rice, fish sauce and soy sauce are the main ingredients of most of the Vietnamese dishes. Sugary sweet, Serrano peppers which give the spicy flavor and lime imparts the sour taste to the Vietnamese food. A variety of basil, mint is used along with fish sauce in their dishes.

Musical notes

Bac or the north, Nam or the south, Trung or the central regions of Vietnam have different variations of Vietnamese music. The oldest and more traditional form of music is the Northern Classical music. The classical music can be traversed back to the Mongol invasions when the Chinese opera group was taken hostage by the Vietnamese.

The music of the central region which is central classical music has the influence of culture of Champa with its melancholic tunes and themes.


The most common sports for centuries in Vietnam has been martial arts. This is so as Vietnam has faced many wars and unwarranted natural events. The two well known forms of Vietnamese martial arts have been Vovinam and Binh Dinh. The most popular sport enjoyed in Vietnam is football.

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