Popular tourist attractions in Hanoi

Given below is the list of the popular tourist attractions in Hanoi:

Hoan Kiem Lake

This lake is located in the central area of this city, which provides an oasis of tranquil away from the buzzing of traffic around it. The Tortoise Pagoda is located in the center of this lake as well as by means of the attractively carved bridge over the lake you can reach the Ngoc Son Pagoda, which is located at its northern end.

Old Quarter

This quarter is a maze of the tree-lined, narrow, streets along with shops as well as stalls, which sells everything from coffins to ironwork and from fruits and vegetables up to the textiles and crafts.

West Lake

West Lake is located the northern region of this city, moreover is less renowned among the tourists as well as is quite popular with the local dwellers of the city. This area has numerous small temples along with a string of cafes, karaoke bars, and restaurants that are positioned on the Ho Tay Peninsula.

French Quarter

The French Quarter was urbanized under the French colonial rule during the turn of the twentieth century as well as is greatly influenced through French architecture. The French Quarter has extensive tree-lined boulevards as well as numerous colonial mansions, which would by no means look out of the place within a provincial French township.

87 Pho Ma May

These traditional houses that are positioned in the Old Quarter are acknowledged as ‘tube’ otherwise ‘tunnel’ houses. In addition, this re-established example is based on life within the nineteenth century shows the contracted frontage, courtyard, workshop, as well as living regions hinder from the main street.

Ambassadors’ Pagoda 73 Quan Su

Ambassadors’ Pagoda 73 Quan Su is the major centre in the city for Buddhist prayer and is busy all through the day along with worshippers who pay their respects as well as lighting the incense sticks.

Bach Thao Botanical Gardens Vuon Bach Thao

Bach Thao Botanical Gardens Vuon Bach Thao is a huge garden with 2 huge lakes along with an undersized temple, with numerous trails around this park designed for walking and jogging amongst the shrubs and the trees.

Indira Gandhi Park

Attractive gardens, which are positioned close to the renowned Hoan Kiem Lake are been named after the first woman Indian Prime Minister subsequent to her assassination.

Lenin Park

This park is known to be one of the largest parks in this city with an undersized amusement park as well as lake where you can hire boats. A spring flower festival is also organized here during the New Year Tet Festival.

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