Hitch a ride to the splendorous Vietnam

Discover a boat-ride along an endless river that is surrounded by islands covered in thick forests and delighting food. Experience marvelous beaches and cozy hotels. Take your friends or family out to the wonderful land of Vietnam.

Let us take a look at some of the places that you could visit in Vietnam.

Ha long bay

In Vietnamese ha long Bay means “descending Dragon Bay”. Listed as a world UNESCO heritage site. The bay has many isles which vary in shape and size. Located in the Quang Ninh province in Vietnam. According to a Vietnamese legend; when the Vietnamese were fighting with the Chinese, the gods sent a family of dragons to protect this land. The dragons spat out jewels and precious stones to form a protective wall around the land. This land is now the county Vietnam. When the dragons then came to the land to peacefully sightsee, they landed at the Ha long Bay

One distinctive attribute about this place is that the bay consists of about 300 islands which are hollow. Many of these islands are famous for their deep caves and thick forests on top of them.

Some islands have lovely beaches and luxury hotels so that the many tourists who come here can relax after an adventurous day.

Floating villages of fishermen are quite common here. Fishing is a big industry in this region. You could ask the fishermen for a ride, maybe you could even try your hand at what they do !


Sapa is a district which is the main market town and also, many of the minority ethnic groups like Ty and Do live here.

This place is not a very tourist oriented place, however if you are the exploring type and like to know about different cultures and lifestyles then this may be a good place for you to visit ! Sapa is home to a verity of plants, birds animal amphibians, reptiles and insects that are only found in this region in the world.

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is the capital of the Ninh Binh province. This place is famous for the Tam Coc city which is a beautiful tourist destination. The city is about 9 kilo meters away from Ninh Binh and if you hire a boat, it would take you through the breathtaking water ways which have limestones cliffs that arise from the rice paddies.

Perfume pagoda

The perfume pagoda or perfume temple is a group of shrines that have been built into the limestone mountains. These Buddhist temples are a famous site for a pilgrimage. It gets a lot of visitors from the Vietnamese regions.

Nha Trang

This place is a coastal city in Vietnam and is known for it awesome beaches and water sports like water skiing and scuba diving. This place is soon gaining its recognition, become a very popular tourist destination.

Tourists of all types from backpackers and the affluent east Asians; come to Nha Trang. The beaches here have lovely white sand and many luxury beach resorts. Also, take your family or friends out for a lovely day at the water themed parks both in the city and out on the island.

So, come to this beautiful country and experience authentic eastern hospitality and lose yourself in the lovely sights that the local land has to offer!

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