Good Beer in Vietnam

The central European beer garden is a typical place to hang out in Vietnam. This place has a long row of wooden table which is stained in dark rich hue. There is a half and full liter of beer mugs that hang from large metal racks. The brass decoction tanks are generally used for mashing traditional brewed beer. This place is Hoa vien Brauhaus in the Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.

Hoa vien Brauhaus

The air buzzed with many conversations that are very Vietnamese. This has surprised the local crowd a lot. Also the founder of hoa Vien is an honorary consul of the big Czech Republic. The crowd over here is made up of young Vietnamese men in button down shirts and slacks. The men usually also have lanyard with keycards dangling down from around their necks. There are many couples who chat under large shady trees. All this is a [art of the fast growing culture of young people who are hip and professional.

When you go on a beer odyssey that passes through this long and amazing country, you should prep yourself up to savor the much unexpected taste of Vietnamese brews that is made right there in Vietnam and it had the Hoa Vien Hoavener label. The freshly poured bia vang which is basically yellow beer. This is what you would generally refer to as lager. You also get bitter hops flavor which lies in between the Czech pilsner and the Munich style lager. You also get Bia den, which is black beer. The dark lager is quite bitter.

The many varieties of local and regional beer are quite surprising. It also seems as though the beer is names after different cities like Bia Can tho, Bia Thai binh and bia Saigon. Also Bia Hanoi, bia hue.

Bia Hanoi

Since the last few decades, the beer here in Vietnam has changed, meaning it had adopted European styles and embrace the home grown brew which they called Bia hoi. Vietnam gets an annual immigrant population of about four million people who are quite familiar with the Bia Hoi.

This place is also a handful of European breweries which are located in the center of district one. also there are some of these people who cue to claim to brew their own beer; this is according to the Bavarian purity law which is known as Reinheitsgebot. Vietnam used to import Pilsner Urquell, and then later this place built a European style brewery which is inside the restaurant. This is along with the help of the many experts who make their way here from the Czech republic. After this many other breweries also started doing the same thing and started adopting domestic beer in the western culture. This place produces about two billion liters of beer every year.

Nha Trang

Nha Trang is the most popular coastal town that is located here in Vietnam. Even during the typhoons that were happening in Philippines, the Lousisiane brew house which was nestled beneath the undamaged palm trees, was still open for business. All this is just an arms length from the sand. The north eastern tropical flvaours are incorporated in to the north European styles.

Check back here for more about the beer and the breweries in the beautiful country of Vietnam.

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