Be Ready To Climb The Picturesque Mountains In Cao Son

Cao Son is one of the most eye-catching sections of the Lao Cai province. The surprise of Cao Son is forever encouraging with easygoing weather, genuine traditions of native hill rural groups as well as stunning sceneries of the karsts mountain series and the violent river Chay.

Cao Son Location

Cao Son is situated on the altitude of 1500 m. It is the location of not just loveliness but also the hospitality. This good-looking place is well-known for its wonderful Mountain View, green prehistoric jungle and also the very untouched nature. Visiting the regions Cao Son, be prepared to be magnetized with the rice terrace grasslands, isolated villages which are situated very deep in the woods. In addition, the location has caves and also the waterfalls which are abundant here also outlines a huge plead for this terra firma.

Cao Son is domicile to 5 hill tribal groups which includes the Flower Hmong, Nung, Bo Y, Tay as well as the Dao minorities. Every tribe lives their delightful life in a diverse way. Fascinatingly, in all places you stopover in Cao Son, all the neighboring tribes for all time welcome you with their forever sociability. You might be convinced by a cup of tea or flabbergasted by a soothing wineglass of corn wine. Determining the life of these ethnic groups provides you with an unforgettable time in Cao Son

How to reach Cao Son

The closest airport is Noi Bai International Airport, from where you are required to reach Lao Cai city. The city is located at a distance of 80 km and you will require hardly 2 hrs to reach Cao Son. The route is quite winded and is stretched about the length of the hill. It is also possible that you will come across the various tribal groups. The total distance between Cao Son and the city of Hanoi is around 420 km and best way to reach is boarding a late night train than hiring a car.

Accomodation in Cao Son

Cao Son proffers a comfortable reside in our fashion Ecolodge which majorly comprises of village lodge as well as the forest lodge. Enchanting a night stay in one of these lodges, tourists take pleasure in the passivity of Cao Son as well as they can take a look at the out of this world sights of Cao Son natural world. In addition, the place provides you with a possibility to get nearer to local inhabitants by dwelling reside. You can hang about in the rural community and the local accommodation with the Flower Hmong as well as the Nung tribes who are extremely welcoming.

What to do in Cao Son

A variety of activities are scheduled to achieve the most excellent of the Cao Son journeying. Whether it is horse riding, trekking, caving or just rafting, it is well-concerned as well as well-planned so that each trip to the place provides an exciting time to the tourists

Remarkably, nearby there is a tribal market on an adjoining hill. Cao Son market is the most excellent chance to have the benefit of one of the majority distinctive life actions of native ethnic groups.

Cao Son is a perfect vacation stopover for all those who love the authentic life of racial minorities, as well as mountains, adventures as well as the nature.

Walking and trekking

Appreciation of the variety of the area, walking tracks are accessible as well as a variety of bushwalk to an immense discovery that has to be made on foot for many days.

Mountain biking

Mountain biking is one of the majority superlative way to be acquainted with many areas about the region of Cao Son. Single as well as bushes wood tracks will magnetize one and all that arrive at the place for unbelievable pictures as well as exhilarating out-of-doors time.

Cultural tours

Take out time and remember to visit the hill tribes as well as the weekly market and also participate in the rites and festivals of the locals.


This opportunity is found no where else in the whole Vietnam, but in Cao Son you will come across a number of overwhelming caves.

Horse riding

Discover as well as take pleasure in the magnificent landscapes of Cao Son which are extremely ideal. The topography is diverse and continually good-looking, you can merely sketch the mountain routes or preferably, select a region that go with your thought of an ideal ride on a horse-back.

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