Sun Moon Lake: Mesmerizing and the bestowing serenity

A phoenix rises from its ashes, Lalu island has arisen from its 1921 disastrous earthquake which saw taking a potion of land along with it down to submerge in sea. Yet this place holds and beholds the beauty and serenity for everything that comes to breathe there.

Saying all this, let me take you to a mesmerizing trip to this beautiful and absolutely stunning place in Taiwan. I and my hubby were in Taiwan, for some company’s work (we work for Nokia). And as the expats from America we were entitled company paid holiday at the largest lake in Taiwan – Sun Moon Lake. We had been given accommodation at The Lalu hotel. After some googling and study of lonely planet we reached to this beautiful place for a stay of a day as we wanted to leave back for home next day, yet all things changed once we were there. Just putting some stuff at hotel, we went out to rent a bike to cycle out around the whole circumference of this lake and try to explore as much as we could. We had been informed that we cannot swim there in lake, as the Thao aboriginals of this place considered the lake holly and sacred and thus they preferred that nobody should swim in, though the boats are allowed and we even saw many yachts moored there.

Sun Moon Lake

The place was magic, as we entered even the vicinity of the place we started getting calm, relaxed and as if we are leaving back the land, and entering some far far away land. The place has seen some worst earthquakes, and as you see around, you will not see any grouchy marks of that earthquake, it all beautiful and lustrous as a pearl. As the goggle told us, the Cing Dynasty named this place as Pearl Island because the mountains which are named after some Chinese dragons are guarding this lake as a pearl and truly this is a pearl of Taiwan, with its sheen, glimmer and glittering water of hues of green shades is beautiful like some the silk and flow of Versace gown, the whole place has eternal beauty. Sun Moon Lake, mysterious name isn’t it! This stunning alpine lake which is divided by tiny Lalu island, the eastern part of this place is round just like diamond shaped sun, shimmering and crescent shaped western side is like moon, shinning hence its Sun Moon Lake. This pearl is not white but vibrant color of emerald green waters with the reflection of hills and mountains; it’s a perfect to paint the most astonishing painting of Chinese landscape. This place is full of surprising with its mist, hues and vivid moods.

As we took out our cycles and a local guide in English with some translating words of Chinese in English, we set out to explore this on our bike; we went to see the lake. Early morning, in that midst as if a fairly land, though obscuring, yet it was so romantic and fun so beautiful as we clicked some pics, and the sun was rising and the mist lifted slowly to reveal the lake’s true scenic, as the bride lifts its veil and we were left gaping this lake. The clouds there even play hide and seek with us, as they pass and hide the sun, kae the sky dark and then brightly it gets lighted by sun. Not just the lake even those mountains and hills, amidst the chirping of birds and insects the scene was all enchanted. As the butterflies of effervescent colors passed by I was all so excited and the place is truly so amazing. Soaking in the tranquility of nature we biked out bike and even took a stroll hand in hand to see the lake up close and as we walked on a pier, I felt so close of Jack (my hubby) and the pics of this trip are enlarged and hang on my bedroom over the wall which keeps reminding about this enchanted place and mesmerizing time.

Taking in the peace and we went boating in a rowboat cruising the lake over waves and the water was so pristine and clear, it was all so glorious moments of natural beauty as we savored the scenery. The breeze blowing on our faces as if letting my hair loose and taking all the work pressure and life’s hassles away from us slowly and like some miracle.

boating in sun moon lake
This lustrous pearl radiant, is so rich in scenic beauty and even in cultural landmarks. At sometime after noon we went to Weneu temple, we heard that anyone who prays here with sincere heart, God blesses and bestows his wishes. The God here is believed to be the God of literature and there we took out a slip which is said to be advice from God. The temple itself was so impressive and with such intricate architecture and sculptures of red stone lion, whole place was delicate yet it was so strong.

As we were heading back to cycling the lake in evening, it rained the lake was so awesome, the place was littering in colors like green, lime green, teal, olive green, jade and bottle green, this place is mesmerizing and blessed with scenic beauty.

At dusk, the gleam sum with dance of its intermittent lights goes down in lake its amazing like sun was painting a canvas of pink, orange and light purple gave the place such a vibrant feel. The towering Ci En Pagoda standing majestically glowing, the place had holiness and comforting sanctity. At the night falls, light of moon and its reflections playing by with ripples of waves, giving the fascination of fairy land and as if some invisible angels is playing and creating some masterpiece of eternal beauty.

Ci En Pagoda

We were so awe of this place that we stayed back another day just to admire this amazement of bestowing serenity. This place means a lot and I keep returning to it, when I need some space to feel myself and feel the peace.

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September 18, 2021
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September 18, 2021
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