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Again a spectacular place is striking in my mind where you should visit at least once in your life and make this worth visiting place a memorable attraction. Galle, is a city located on the southwestern tip of Sri Lanka and lies at a distance of 119 kilometre from Colombo. Galle was earlier called as Gimhathiththa prior to the entrance of Portuguese during 16th century. During that time Galle was the main port of the island.

Galle is located in Galle District and the main river here is the Gin River which is often called as Gin Ganga that starts from Gongala Kanda. This river passes through the villages like Neluwa, NAgoda, Baddegama, Thelikada, Wakwella and then finally meets the sea at Ginthota. At the Wakwella village you will find Wakwella Bridge over the river and is the longest bridge in Sri Lanka.

Galle city Sri Lanka

This city was destroyed by the major Boxing Day Tsunami called the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake. This quake took place thousand miles away off the coast of Indonesia and some thousands were died in the city. This is the best city where you can see architectural style buildings made by Europeans. You will find them in South and Southeast Asia. Out of them you must visit to the Galle fort which was again built by the European occupiers and is a world heritage site. This fort is the biggest remaining fortress in Asia.

Besides this, you can also visit the other attractions and landmarks like St. Mary’s Cathedral which was established by Jesuit Priests, major Shiva temple on the island, and the Amangalla which is a historic luxury hotel. It has a population of about 100,000 and you can get accessed to this place by rail which is connected to Colombo and Matara. In fact, this place is a home to the Galle International Stadium which was reconstructed after the 2004 tsunami.

You can also visit the Rumassala Kanda hill that creates an eastern protective barrier towards the Galle harbour. You will find Persians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Malays, Indians and Chinese who do their business through the port of Galle. The Portuguese who were occupied this place was surrendered in the year 1640 to the Dutch East India Company. The Dutch then constructed the present Fort during 1663 and constructed a fortified wall with solid granite and also built three bastions which is called as ‘Sun’, ‘Moon’ and ‘Star’.

Later the British took over Sri Lanka from Dutch in 1796 but they preserved the Fort as it was made by the Dutch and were used this fort as the administrative hub of Galle. The current mayor of Galle is Mr. Methsiri de Silva. The majority of the people residing in Galle are the Sinhalese ethnicity. To experience the culture of Galle you can attend the Galle Literary Festival and English Language Festival that draws popular authors throughout the globe towards it.

You will get ample of attractions in Galle but the must visiting sites are Lighthouse and the Clock Tower. Galle has many churches as an attraction which is superb. Visitors can also enjoy their holidays at the Hkkaduwa Beach where sporting activities are well-known. Besides this, those who love exploring history can learn about the shipwrecks that were unearth from the sea close to Galle. With all of these and many other attractions Galle is a popular tourist destination in Sri Lanka that serves to its best to the visitors.

Galle Lighthouse

You should also visit the picturesque and enthralling Dutch Creek. The Dutch reformed Church, the koggala Lake and the Museum of Folk Art and Culture is also among the worth visiting sites in Galle. While you make your trip to Galle you can enjoy surfing at Ahangama which is very popular. If you see and explore this place, you will get to know that tourism in Galle obtains a major boost because of its many natural and cultural gifts.

The Museum Dutch is the old mansion Dutch that holds many Old Dutch paintings, furniture and many others. Due to its glory from architectural styles Galle has gained the honor of being a part of UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also try shopping at Galle where you will get antiques, spices, pictures, nouveau-boule and hand-woven sarongs. Here you will get almost everything you want. Even the accommodations can be done as per your budget. So just walk around and explore this ancient city with modern dominion.

You have so much to explore like the surfing, trekking to the rainforests, deep sea fishing, diving, seeing Buddhist temples and even exploring the eco-villages of Galle. To stay at this place you have plenty of hotels and villas. For accommodations you can try at the Kahanda Kanda. IIluketiya, Anilna-Tamarind Hill, Galle Fort Hotel, The Dutch House, The Sun House, Palm Villa and many others.

Galle Fort Hotel

Galle is situated in the southwest tip of Sri Lanka and has tropical climate. Tourist throngs here at the month of December to March when you will find monsoon and can also get relaxed at the coast. Here you can enjoy swimming and water sports on the closest beaches.

You have two ways to reach at Galle. Take a flight from Colombo’s Bandaranaike International Airport or go by road. Out side the airport you will get Air Taxi service which was provided by the Sri Lankan Airlines from the airport to Koggala Airport. So just book a ticket and enjoy unlimited at this place called Galle that will offer you modern and historic stories with magnificent views. Well, with all these things, I must say that if you haven’t been to Galle then you should visit here once and make a lifetime experience.

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