Aquatic Playground And Romance In Sand: Sri Lanka Beaches

Sri Lanka is becoming the cynosure of South Asia. Sri Lanka is an island which is surrounded by the scintillating beaches and some of these beaches are ranked in World’s Best Beaches. Sri Lanka has the perfect blend of beautiful beaches, with tinge of Water sports, mixture of traditions with good class of hotels and resorts. Sri Lanka as a holiday destination, its not only ideal place but it has the reputation of being the “an island of tourist paradise”. Sri Lanka lives up to the standard and is flanked by tourist for the golden beaches that it offers.

Sri Lanka is a tropical island, its beaches have such an appeal and charm, with swaying palm trees, spread of white sand and on coming sound of waves hitting the shore, the deep blue water of Indian Ocean, in that you find the treasure of coral, rich marine life, even pearls enticing you to this unique isle to have the best time of your vacations and a best place to enjoy sun, sand, water, and love. The beaches of Sri Lanka have an enchantment on them, as you step yourself on the sand of the beach you will fall in love! Love thee love more! The beaches endorse such enigma, that you shall end up making more love! A pun intended. Sri Lankan beaches release in you the love for beautiful nature and it bestows. The divine and serene nature, calm and deep blue sea, on to the grainy sand you can relax, sun bath, play and have fun. it offers ideal setting for romantic dates, for some beach party and most of all beaches are so calm and beautiful, when you take walk with your loved one hand in hand, the love is about to bloom into the beautiful rose.

As you are on the beach pull of your sandals, and feel the earth below you, run on sand or just get lazy on it. With the panoramic view of beach, tempting tropical climate, ebb and flow of tide it’s sure to raise your sex’o’hormones high.

Just let yourself go wild and crazy, for here are the perfect beaches playgrounds, for all water sports it provides for. Name it dear, and the beaches call that they have it! Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, windsurfing, sailing, angling, jet skiing, White Water River rafting, parasailing. An exceptional opportunity to explore the shipwrecks is here too! The beaches are outstanding for all the obvious of swimming, sunbathing and just relaxing. Also you will have the chance to watch the unique traditions and the primitive manner of catching fishes practiced here. Its popular sight to watch, beach seining, still a favorite form of fishing and stilt fishing.

Ideal and best deal beaches of Sri Lanka


  • 37 km north of Colombo
  • 6 km from Katunayake International Airport
  • During the time when Dutch, ruled the place, a fort, canal and churches were built. Its magnificent remains are good to visit which add to the décor of beach and adorn you to the past.
  • The widest sandy stretch beaches.
  • Traditional fishing villages
  • Watch old fishing techniques like outrigger canoes and the catamarans which bring with them the catch of marine fishes like seers, amber-jacks, pomfrets and in lagoons catch of lobsters and prawns are caught.
  • Seafood paradise: local delicacies and fantastic food.


  • 98 kms south of Colombo
  • A beautiful destination and very famous with its glamorous beach.
  • A place to have fascinating glimpse of marine underwater world, see its famed coral gardens and have look at the aquatic creatures at its best.
  • All you need is to catch hold the glass bottom boats, have goggles and flippers and plunge in to explore the unfathomable depth of the deep sea.


  • 116 km in south of Columbo, one of the prime importance.
  • Natural Harbor, a famous landing place for foreigners for trades
  • Was under the rule of Portuguese and Dutch: the architecture was primarily Portuguese and then extended by Dutch.
  • The oldest building of Dutch, the fort is occupied as the National Museum of Galle. A World Heritage Site.
  • Famous for ebony carving, lace making and gem polishing.

Mount Lavinia: Most popular beach

  • 12 km from Colombo
  • Windswept headland that is jutting in to the waters from Indian Ocean.
  • Ideal place to enjoy sea and relax and chill out.
  • A marvelous beauty with historical significance
  • In 1805, Sir Thomas Maitland builds a Governor’s house which now is the most famous Mount Lavinia hotel. A must for the stay!
  • Beach sport activities: swimming, beach volleyball, Frisbee, beach rugby, wind surfing.
  • Have live bands playing and Dj’s that makes the crowd shaking and enjoying.

Beruwala: Ugly duckling transformed into Swan

  • 56 km south of Colombo
  • A small sleep village- wakes up and transfers itself into the best tourist place, with great strides in resorts and hotels being developed. Grand holiday resorts, luxurious hotels and Amenities.
  • 130 km stretch of beach. The coastline is hovered by palm tress, has white sand and clean and clear blue water.
  • Ideal for swimming and bathing all year around.

Unawatuna: Mystic Charm magnetic pull for beachcombers to this laid back sleepy village

  • 5km from Galle, 125 km from Colombo
  • Paradise, to enjoy silence of beach with just the wave sound.
  • Perfectly safe for bathing as it is protected with a reef.
  • Shallow water: good for swimming and diving.
  • Snorkeling: a perfect place, has preserved coral reef.
  • Scuba diving: excellent place to do it. With additing of wrecks available in some twenty to thirty minutes of boat ride.
  • Had suffered heavily during Tsunami of 2004, but it rebuild and hotels, guesthouse, beach and all water sports are available.

Weligama, Mirissa and Matara: Picturesque of all the beaches

  • 27 km from Galle
  • Has beauty, which has not been touched by mass tourism.
  • Laidback villages and beaches are secluded and serene.
  • Shallow bay, with broad sandy beach a feast to the eyes.
  • Best Surf Spots on the island
  • Original Stilt Fishing practice to be found. Home to the stilt fisherman, you should see it, as how he stands on stilts closer to the beach and patiently waits for its catch.

Aluthgama: Beach playground

  • Facing to sea it has lagoon and river.
  • Its highlight is water Sports
  • Swimming
  • Body-Surfing
  • Diving into the sea
  • Jet Ski
  • Windsurf
  • Parasail
  • Honeymoon time- with romantic river safari on the river and lagoon.

Bentota: ideally romantic. Welcome all honeymooners on the board!

  • 62 kms south of Colombo
  • A complete Honeymoon package deal it is.
  • The beach is inspiration for poets.
  • Like a painted scenery, it’s a typical tropical beach, with pillars of palm trees and carpet of white sand and blue water flowing.
  • A perfect romantic beach holiday could be here.
  • With good hotels, resorts, and spas.
  • Have excellent cafeterias where you cam sip the coffee for endless time.
  • Open Air Theater: where you can experience folk music and folk dance with masks and all.
  • Shopping: women just love shopping. They have shopping arcades and local markets.

Arugam Bay: endowed with gift of beauty of ocean

  • 300 km from Colombo in Southern Eastern Coast
  • Little fishing Village
  • Deserted beach though very beautiful, with stretch of ocean seen, it’s just magical. And a beautiful bay.
  • Big attraction: best wind surfing conditions. One of the five best places for wind surfing in world.
  • Good place for water sports
  • A just the right place for underwater photography.
  • Tempting challenge: the divers are tempted to this place as it is challenging for divers to see the many shipwrecks here.

Nilaveli: Awesome sun bathing and water sports hub

  • 14 km from Trincomalee, 271 km from Colombo
  • Prime Beach resort
  • Shallow beach
  • Hot wells and Pigeon Island are must visit.
  • Old Portuguese/ Dutch fort reminiscent of the old colonial era.
  • Sanctuary : chance of meeting Leviathan
  • Water Sports: its cooooooool… angling, water skiing, diving, snorkeling and so much more.
  • Good fishing ground
  • You will love to chill, relax and laze here.
  • Good for sun bathing and reading out some book on the beach towel.
  • A few meters from the coast, there are some rocky islands which are apt for snorkeling.

Sri Lanka and its beaches welcome you to the mesmerizing, exciting and fantastic time of your life. If you love sand and water just pack your bags and its time to go to Sri Lanka.

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