Some Facts about South Korea

There are many facts about South Korea. The following are some of the facts about South Korea. The official name of South Korea is Taehan Min’guk or the Republic of Korea. The country lies within Asia with a time zone of UTC+9. The flag of South Korea has a white background with a red and blue center symbolizing yin and yang. The center is surrounded by a black trigram belonging to ancient Confucian I Ching.

The capital of South Korea is Seoul. The population is estimated to be 48,508,972. The spoken language of the inhabitants is Korean. English is being taught predominantly in schools. Christianity, Protestantism, Confucianism, and Buddhism are the major religions. Shamanism or traditional spirit worship and Chondokyo or the Religion of the Heavenly Way are also practiced.

The coastline of South Korea comprises 6,228 km. There are nearly 3000 islands situated in the Yellow Sea and Korean Strait. South Korea is spread over 38000 square miles. The terrain is rugged and mountainous in nature. Arable land is few and far between.

Hallasan, a former volcano standing at 1950 meters is the highest altitude in South Korea. South Korea is also known as ‘Hermit Kingdom’ and ‘Land of the Morning Calm’. The climate is continental in nature with hot and humid summers. The winters are cold and dry. Seoul, Pusan, Taegu, Inchan, and Kwangju are the major towns of the country. Seoul is the second-largest metropolitan city in the world.

The national anthem of the country is Aegukka or the Song of Love of Country. The anthem was adopted in August, 1948. There are several Chinese cognates that operational in Korean language. Nearly 1300 Chinese characters are used in Korean.

South Korea is a leading economy of the world, with a penchant for technology. Its economy is third-largest in Asia. The fishing industry is well developed. Nearly 63 daily newspapers are in circulation.

The culture of South Korea is unique. The eldest of the family is treated as the wisest. They are authorized to make the most important decisions. Before entering a Korean home, you need to take off your shoes.

The first night of the New Year sees the inhabitants hide their shoes. This practice has been followed because there is a lot of belief in ghosts. The ghosts are seen as an evil omen.

Korean architecture is heavily influenced by the Chinese. Taekwondo, a martial art, has its origins in Korea.

South Korea has an impressive history of more than 5000 years. These were some of the facts about South Korea.

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