Exploration Of Mt. Seoraksan In South Korea

The audacious Seoraksan is one of the highest mountains in the Tarbaek Mountain range in the Gangwon province of eastern side of South Korea. It is located in the city Sokcho with a national park. It is the third largest mountain South Korea after the volcano named Hallasan on the peaks of Jirisan and Jeju Island in the south. The highest peak of Seoraksan is Daechongbong peak which is 1,708 meters high. The continuous chains of Taebaek Mountain range is the base of Korean peninsula. The national park in the mountain is the main and well known park attracting national and international visitors. It is called as Seoraksan National Park. Tourists visit at this place all round the year. It is the most attractive and beautiful place in Korea. Crystal clear water, large waterfalls, wrinkly peaks, pine and hardwood forests is the best place to visit in Korea and can be visited anytime throughout the year.

The most important part to trip is the mountain is the entrance of the National park. It is fifteen minutes away from Seokcho city. The thriving Yukdam and Biryeong waterfalls can be found on the left side of the valley and it forty minutes away from the car parking area. You will see an exclusive rock formation in the National Park known as Ulsanbawi. There are plenty number of rocks to reach you has to do hiking and climbing of around 800 to 900 steps. There are two temples and a spare shaped rock known as Heundeulbawi and is located on top of the larger rock. Heundeulbawi rock is 5 meters high where many people have taken efforts to move this rock but every one failed. It was said that Ulsanbawi came from south east of Korea from the city named Ulasn. When the time Kumgangsan Mountain was built, the Ulsanbawi came from Ulasn to represent his city. But regrettably reach late and there no room to stay. So started to move towards south and went to sleep in the Seorak area and felt very beautiful and stayed there for ever. There is a rock platform in the stream at the end of the main valley which is known as Biseondae. The clear views of surroundings can be seen from the cave above the stream but it is difficult to reach there. The Seorak Valley was named after the formation of rocks near the Buddha statues. The big Buddha statue is located at the entrance of the national park.

Seoraksan national park

Seoraksan Mountain looks like a classic Korean painting which includes weather beating mountains, waterfalls, natural scenes etc. This mountain is not a lone peak they are series of peaks which lies in the middle of Taebaeksan range and are spreader from north to south of Korean peninsula. This amazing mountain has many names which are Snow Peak Mountain, Mt. Seolbongsan, Mt. Seolsan, and Snow Rock Mountain. The terrific beauty of winter gives it a snowy appearance throughout the year. The mountain has plenty of attractive forests with a mix of broad leaved alpine plants near the high mountain ridges. It is the habitat of immense number of animals and plants. Asian Black Bear, mountain goat, musk deer, sable and antelope are among the 25 species of mammals and the variety of plants goes up till 939. There are about 90 species of birds, 360 species of insects, 11 species of reptiles and 40 different species of fresh water fishes are habitats of the National Park. The park is the important area of ecological standpoint. There are many museums and art galleries in South Korea which are of National pride.

Time to visit

Autumn is the best season to visit Seoraksan National park. It makes the area of colorful. The autumn is considered the best time to visit this most beautiful place in Korea. The red, yellow and green colors with the coverage of white snow give you a blissful experience. While in spring season you will see the shades of pink, purple, white, and yellow with different flowers. Every season has its own colors for this mountain you will see the thundering waterfalls in winter with snow covered.

Reach South Korea

You can easily travel in South Korea as it is a compact city with good transport. The big cities like Seoul have many subways connecting with each other. The transport here is cheap traveling in bus is more convenient for the tourists. South Korea is small connecting with island of Jeju. Domestic airlines include Korean Air, Jeju Air, Hansung Airlines; these air carriers’ offers daily flights with low fares. Korail is the National train operator connected with major cities. These trains are very comfortable but the network is still limited to the rural services. Busses are very frequent connecting all the major cities and bus network is the main mode of transport with cheap rates. You will easily get visa at the arrival on airport and valid for 30 to 90 days. The currency of Korea is won (KRW) which is 2.6 won is equal to 1$ how ever there are fluctuations in rates.

Where to stay

South Korea is full of large and small hotels and is easily available. These hotels also provide transport facilities for the tourists to visit the beautiful sites of South Korea. There are many bars and pubs in South Korea those who want to enjoy the night life. The hotels in South Korea provide all the facilities from luxurious rooms to play parks for children. The rates are dependent on the choice of hotel. There are high rates of accommodation at the places which are near to sites and these hotels may sometimes require pre bookings in the peak seasons.

Other Destinations

  • Andong- Historical place
  • Guinsa- Buddhist Cheondae Sector
  • Panmunjeom- World War tourist site
  • Boseong- Rolling hills
  • Yeosu- Picturesque Port city

A holiday in South Korea and its admired destinations will make fascinated. The history is captured in museums while the nature can be seen on the mountains and parks. South Korea is a place of adventure, sight seeing and many more activities.

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