Busan The City Of Tomorrow

Second largest metropolitan city after Seoul in South Korea Busan is also called as Pusan and is the largest port city in South Korea. Located on the South eastern tip of Korean Peninsula it is the fifth largest port in the world. It faces the Korea Strait with narrow valleys between Suyeong River and Nakdong River and the beautiful mountains separate some of its districts. It has 15 major administrative districts and nominated as Metropolitan City. The APEC 2005 Korea and 2002 Asian Games were nominated in Busan, and the in 2002 FIFA World Cup Busan was one of the host cities it acts as a major center for International conventions in Korea. Geochilsan-guk was the chief Dom of Jinhan in second, third and forth centuries and was immersed by Silla and given the name of Geochilsan-gun. The meaning of Geochilsan is rough mountains, which refers to hwangnueongsan and located in the middle of the city.

Busan was the area in the Three Kingdoms of Korea it was proved from grave goods found in the mounded burials at Bokcheon-dong. Yeonje-gu and Dongnae-gu are the two areas on the ridge where the burial of Bokcheon-dong was built. More than 250 iron weapons and ingots were found from Burial no. 38 which is a wooden chamber at Bokcheon-dong was found by the modern Archeologists. The city of Busan was treated as trading port by the Korean government from the fifteenth century. It was treated as trading port for Japan. The Japanese settlement in Ulsan and Jinhae were decreased later but the settlement of Busan which was called as Waegwan continued up till the invasion of Korea and Japan in 1592. Japan was established in the year 1607 and the Waegwan was reconstructed and Korea was exposed to negotiation in the year 1876 and it became the first international port and city in Korea.

When Japanese were ruling the city of Busan it was treated as trading port and was the only city with steam tramway before the electricity was introduced in Korea in the year 1924. Busan was treated as refugee camp during the Korean War as being the city along with Jeju City which was not attacked by the North Korean Communists. During the Korean War it was one of the areas which remained under the control of South Korea and remained the temporary Capital of Republic of Korea for sometime. Pusan Perimeter was built by UN troops for defensive purposes in the year 1950 from that year it acted as a major metropolis after Seoul. There are many parks, beaches and resorts in Busan Geumjeongsan in the west is the hiking spot, and the beautiful Beomeosa is the Korean Buddhist temple. The area of Dongnae-gu is one of the wealthy and traditional areas. There is a shrine for soldiers who died in the battle against Japanese Dongnae Fortress in the sixteenth century. There are six beaches in Busan which are very attractive and most visited in summer season. All the beaches are unique and well known in their own way.

Seasons in Busan

It is located on the south eastern tip of Korean peninsula and has in seasonal winds as it comes under mid latitude temperate zone. People visit here throughout the year because every season brings beautiful scenery and weather is nice all around the year. The weather is mild than inland and northern areas. The spring season starts from early March to end of June. Summer starts from end of June to early September. From September to end of November the climate is nice and cool because of high atmospheric pressure. Winter starts by November until February.

How to get in Busan

Gimhae International Airport is located in Busan and is the 19th largest airport in Asia. It is domestic as well as International airport. Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines are the domestic airlines. There are many international airlines which are connected with this airport. Air China, China Eastern Airlines, Korean Airlines, Asiana Airlines, and TransAsia Airways etc many other are connected with Gimhae International Airport. There are local buses, country buses and airport buses in Busan. Local buses will provide you transportation in city and late night tours even from outside Busan. Taxis are also easily available while subways are also well connected from all the parts. Railways are connected with KTX trains from all parts of the city. Transportation here is excellent with good frequency.

Accommodation in Busan

Hotels, motels, apartments, lodges, guests houses etc all are available, accommodation here provides all the required facilities for the tourists. From five stars to two stars hotels to lodges all are easily available from mid budget to high budget. These hotels also provide transport facilities to the tourists. However pre booking is not necessary during the low seasons and online booking is also available for the tourists those who want to get discounts and to avoid unnecessary problems. The accommodation here is vast with chains of hotels.

Festivals and places to visit

Busan city is stated as a place of global hub city of visual culture with the Pusan International Film Festival which is one of the most significant and influential film festivals in Asia. Film and Media industry is the major sector to boost the Busan economy. It is rich in infrastructure for its art movies. Asian Film Market, Busan International Kids Film Festival, Busan Asian Short Film Festival etc. there are many more festivals which are organized here in this city with crowd from all around the globe.

While the visiting places includes shrines, beaches, historical places, temples, and museums.

  • Imrang Beach
  • Dadaepo Beach
  • Ilgwang Beach
  • Gwangalli Beach
  • Bromeosa Temple
  • Chaungnyeolsa Shrine
  • Samgwangsa Temple
  • Busan Museum
  • Bokcheon Museum
  • Busan Modern History Museum
  • Busan Museum of Modern Art

Busan is the city of art, entertainment, culture and much more to explore here. The metropolitan city of Busan is also called as “The City of Tomorrow”. The extraordinary nightlife at bars, pubs, and restaurants are of worth surveillance. It is the mixture of metropolitan city which is great destination for you and your family.

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