Sentosa Travel Attractions in Singapore

Singapore is the land of adventure, thrill and excitement. While here you would surely love to see the most exhilarating sights and the most intriguing travel pleasures. So come here and enjoy the delights that are seen here and bask in the pleasures of the most fascinating tour locales in this part of the world.

This is a lovely island retreat for all those who come to this part of the world. This is just a little away from the mainland and gives a lot of pleasure to the tourists coming to Singapore. Sentosa Island is the most visited place here in the land of the lions, Singapore. At a height of 37 metres the icon of Singapore tourism, the lion’s head and the body of a fish, is found here in Sentosa. Come here and you would get the best views of the entire city. The skyline in Singapore and the sight of the surroundings islands provides ideal travel delights and the whole experience of being in a land of thrilling escapades makes tours here very enjoyable.

Sentosa Island

If you want to see the most fascinating aquariums, museums, sporting arenas, and beaches, this is a land of ideal travels and the cuisine centers here also fill the satisfaction quotient of the tourist. This serene, tranquil land is the safest region in this part of the world and gives greatly mesmerizing travel memories.

Come to the Sentosa Island and chill out in the region of lovely beaches and bask in the pleasures of the swimming glory. Get the best views of the dolphins, and also enjoy the Balinese massage that is so popular here today. Sentosa is very well equipped so make sure you get the maximum delights here in the land of the lions. With the most tantalizing beaches, and the most exhilarating natural lands, this is also a butterfly haven so people love to come to this area and experience the best moments here. There are underwater wonders here which give a lot of beautiful moments and the five star hotel facilities here only add to the beautiful experiences here. There are luxury spas here and the gourmet meals only add to your travel kitty. This is one experience in Sentosa which should be enjoyed. Come here and enjoy the pleasures of an island experience and feel free in this land of surprise, Sentosa Island.

Dolphins at Sentosa Island

Today this is a recreational paradise which gives the greatest tour delights and has the most interesting ranges of activities and attractions which make up the entire ambience of this lovely region of pleasurable moments.

There is a monorail here which is also a great tour delight here. There is the Magical Sentosa show which has the musical fountain with a lot of pyrotechnic display with eye catching kaleidoscope. There is a 12 metre fire jet and also a 10 metre high water geyser which provide the most interesting special effects. The visual delights of computer animated screens here is a great spectacle and also a lovely scene. Get the best of travel moments here in this land of the Sentosa Islands.

Magical Sentosa show

Get ready for the best thrills and excitement in this land of Cinemania which is a theatre which stimulates the brain. Then there is the monorail which gives the tourists a great forty minutes ride around the entire island region.

Monorail at Sentosa Island

The butterfly park here also is a lovely paradise of around 2,500 butterflies and there are more than 50 species found here in this land of beautiful butterfly population. There is the Insect Kingdom Museum which has the sights of the tarantulas, millipedes and the rhino beetles and also many more such insect sights.

Butterfly park and Insect Kingdom Museum

The oceanarium in the Underwater World in Singapore is an exciting experience in Singapore travels. Experience this oceanarium and see how the pink dolphins seemingly play around in this land of thrilling pleasures, Sentosa Island in Singapore travels.

Besides this the Spa Botanica, the Sentosa Resort and Spa and the Causeway Bridge, are all attractions in this land of exciting travels, Sentosa Island.

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