Wildlife in Russia

Russia is supposed to be a place which has the largest stretch of forest land and has more than around 8 million square kilometres of a mixture of woodlands and the rarest of leopards, bears and tigers. The remaining part of Russia is made up of cold tundra regions and semi desert lands. So get to see the best mountain peaks and the most fascinating open grasslands. The mountain ranges of the Himalayas have separated Russia from the warmer kind of climate. The eastern part of Russia have a greatly biodiverse vegetation and it is also seen to have the harshest of winters.

Russia is place which is a great experience for all the adventure enthusiasts and is a region where you would get to discover the best of ecotourism and the most enchanting surroundings. Today Russia is home to the most enchanting World Heritage Sites, which are inclusive of the Komi forests and the Lake Baikal. This is a place where you get to see the richest wildlife and is a great delight for all wildlife lovers.

All those who visit this part of the world, see a great plethora of wildlife. So the sight of the Lake Baikal is the deepest and the largest freshwater lake here and provides attractions to tours of wildlife here. this is where one finds the best of animals and plants here and thus it is a haven for all animal lovers.

Russian wildlife

Experience the pleasures of a wildlife delight and see the beauty of more than 1000 different kinds of plants and the 1550 varieties of animal life like th deer and the bear. So for all those who wish to have a memorable wildlife tour, then Russia is the place to be and with the scenic beauty of the Virgin Komi forests, the trip is complete with a great visual delight and the best of travel memories. Get to see a lot of birds and trees like the birches, aspens, conifers and peat boags. Also see the naturally occurring lakes and rivers here and the diversity of wildlife like the sea otters, eagles, bears and the variety of fish found here.

Wildlife in Russia is totally an enchanting experience and there are many endangered species like the Amur, the great Siberian Tiger and the Anatolian leopards. It is said that Siberian tigers reach up to lengths up to 13 feet or 4 metres long.

Visit the Belukha Mountain and see the sight of the lakes and the other water bodies which has the best animals like the Siberian wapiti, the brown bear, the musk deer, the Siberian weasel, the sable, chipmunk , squirrel and the mountain got or the Siberian ibex. There is the beautiful snow leopard and also the Altai snow cock which are major attractions in Russia.

Russian wildlife animals

Today Russia is the destination that tourists would love to visit and is also a UNESCO approved World Heritage sites. The Lake Baikal is one such site and the komi Forests are the other. Today the tours here are filled with a kind of enchantment and enjoyment.

Also tours to this part of Asia are also filled with the sights of the Kamchatka which is the world’s most active volcano today. There is a greatly natural paradise here that is explored the best way in Russia. It is one of the few places where you get to see a midnight sun. Russia is also a place where you have more than 34 rivers. Out of these six are located in Russia. So get to see the sights of the Lena, Yenisey, Volga, Ob, Kolyima and Olenyo.

Thus wildlife tours in Russia is very varied and diverse. All those who come here find their travel thirst complete and they never cease to get surprised by the constant delights that this region has to offer.

Russia has a climate that is totally conducive to the tourists. So the tours here are also filled with a kind of charisma and charm that has to be experienced. So for all those who travel across Asia, wildlife experiences in Russia are a must. so make sure that you head towareds this part of the world and get to see the best of visual treats here in Russia.

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