Travel Stories from Russia

Russia with its lovely landscape and beautiful locales is one place which is an intrigue to all and a passion to some because of its enchanting and fascinating history. With the most extravagant architecture and the most abundant natural resources this is one country that is a great travel interest to many across the world. There are many people who come here for various purposes but the true traveler would go here with only the idea of visiting this one land which is extremely enchanting, engrossing and beautiful to see.

So whether it is cruising the river or whether it is going across the city of St. Petersburg, the country is a permanent illusion and a great topic of interest for all.

While here in this lovely land of miracles get to know this vast and diverse nation with its beautiful travel conditions. Come here and enjoy the absolutely fascinating locales and the most cherishable experiences that you could have here. However though Russia is a great travel locale, and has the most magnificent landscapes, tours here are not very easy neither enjoyable.

Moscow is a historic city which has seen a lot of changes in its infrastructure. The tourist attractions here are always world class and filled with a kind of travel attraction which is typical of this place. So get to see the Red Square and Kremlin and also have the most outstanding views in this part of the world. The region around Kremlin is very popular for the lovely architecture and the most fascinating views. Come here see how the history of this place unfolds itself. This is one place where you would love to bask in the cultural aspects of the place. So the Lenin Mausoleum is an obvious choice for all those who come here as also the Bolshoi Theatre for the arty ones. See the Pushkin Museum of fine Arts and get the best memories ever in this part of the world.

Moscow Pushkin Museum

Do visit St. Petersburg and enjoy this lovely region of absolutely fascinating sights and the marvelous domed church is a place not to be missed here. This was the Tsar home and also the formed Russian capital. It oozes with the culture that is prevalent here and is a very historical monument. Today a UNESCO World Heritage site, this city is also called the Venice of the North and has many attractive places to visit. The State Hermitage Museum is one that is very popular here and it is interesting to see this lovely land of pleasure, fun, and historical values.

State Hermitage Museum

The Winter Palace of Peter I the Menshikov’s Palace and the Great Hermitage are great buildings in this land of adventurous escapades and give the best sights of the most enchanting architectural structures. So whether it is the neoclassical or the Baroque kind of architecture, it is the basic visual treat that enchants the visitor.

Menshikov’s Palace

The Hermitage especially has lovely collection in the Department of Russian culture and also has the greatest varieties in the Treasure Gallery.

Russia with its innumerable sight seeing attractions and absolutely wonderful pleasures provides one with great travel experiences. Come here and enjoy the sights of the ancient monuments, the lovely constructions and the most fascinating cities. With the most magnificence history that a country could have, the climate here and the surroundings could deter a person from coming here yet it is a worthwhile try to visit this country and enjoy the pleasures of this unique land of travel delights.

So whether it is the type of architecture or the kind of locale, whether it is the Rivers or the lakes, whether it is the mountainous terrain or the snowy locales, Russia has it all. With a very interesting history it has shown to the world what it is capable of. Come here and enjoy your tour delights.

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