The trans Siberian railway

It must have surely been the dream of czars and sheiks to secure a transport route between Russia and the far east of Asia. Th railway journey is quite spectacular. It passes through lush green countrysides on the way to the pacific ocean.

The journey covers a distance of about nine thousand two hundred and fifty kilometers. The journey lasts for about seven days and passes through eight times zones.

There are eastern counter parts for the trans Siberian.. they have the tarns Mongolian and trans Manchurian. These are one of those early classic journeys which give you a superb romantic and laid back atmosphere so that you thoroughly enjoy your journey. You can get a glimpse of different cultures , people and of course ; beautiful landscapes.

Trans Mongolian

There are routes from Vladivostok, Russia to Mongolia and china like wise . One in Beijing and another one in the norther part of china

The Moscow to Vladivostok to the eat is one route. That lasts about nine thousand five hundred kilometers. This train leaves every two days and then each of these trains go out to make a seven hour journey.

Train number one leaves out heading west and train number two heads eastwards.

Many trains used o take a longer route . They later on found a shorter way reducing the distance by twenty kilometers.

The trans Mongolian rail travels for about seven thousand six hundred and twenty kilometers and runs through beautiful mountain ranges like the Ural ranges. The Gobi desert and the glorious great wall of china. From here it proceeds onto into Beijing.

Trans Siberian railway

The journey going back or forth either way , lasts about six days. Every Tuesday one train leaves from Russia. And every Wednesday a train leaves from Mongolia.

While the train leaves from Russia , and starts getting into the foot of the Ural mountains , pine and birch forests start, this goes on for a while until you reach a patch of industrial wastelands. Once you cross the Volga river , you will start getting into the Urals and the industrial area stops and the forest region starts.

After the Urals you start entering swampy lands and marshy lands, the plains are with open grass. As you go towards lake Baikal , the region starts getting more hillier. Baikal happens to be one of the worlds deepest rivers and it contains one-fifth of the worlds fresh water content.

Once you enter Mongolia you will start to see farms and horses with cattle , sheep and goat. The terrain here is grass plains and you will find herds of cow and such.

Once you enter the Gobi desert the region is rocky and sandy with dry grass . You will be able to spot camels here. This desert then goes on towards china.

The jining deserts starts to take you into the mountain and agriculture terrain of china. There are many dark stretches of tunnels as the train goes through mountains and hilly regions. When you are coming closer to Beijing, you will get to see the great wall of china.

The trans Manchurian railway is a way directly from Russia through to china . This has been actually done so that people and tourist have a problem getting a visa for Mongolia , they can then come on into china by avoiding Mongolia.

The other trains are

Baikal – Arum main line

this train departs from tayshet in Siberia and passes through the north Baikal. The route reaches the pacific at the sovetshya Gavin. This route was not much used by tourist , but recently the numbers have grown and is on the rise.

The trans Korean line

the train runs from Moscow to Pyongyang in north Korea. Due to many visa restrictions, many people from the west are usually not allowed. Hence to tackle this problem the trains detaches one carriage that is attached to the trans Manchurian until china and then it gets attached to trans Siberia. This service is almost one thousand kilometers long. In fact it has been recorded that this is the longest scheduled passenger train in the whole world.

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