Philippines Boracay Island

Boracay beach has been voted as the world’s best beach by Australia’s Sun Herald and Harper’s. The pristine island of Boracay has warm blue waters and sand that is as fine as powder. The palm-fringed beach extends for 4 kilometers.

The facilities and amenities at the island make it a haven for recreation. The Philippines Boracay Island is home to World Beach Volleyball (held in September) and February’s Fun-board Cup, which is an international event for windsurfing. The clear, blue waters will entice you for swimming.

Philippines Boracay Island

Boracay Island is located in the province of Aklan, 345 km south of Manila. The island is accessible primarily through the two airports: Caticlan and Kalibo.

Swimming in the sea offers wonderful relaxation opportunities. You can even explore area through horseback riding. Alternatively, engage in a game of volleyball or sail to the other end of the island. Sip a cocktail at the local floating bar. The carefree attitude of the island can get infectious.

At dusk, the island turns into a party hub. You can groove to the music till the wee hours of the morning. However, do not take our word for it. The island demands to be explored.

Most tourists swear by the island and will most probably return to the island. Some have made the island their home.

The island is well sheltered from the easterly typhoons. Boracay lies at the northwestern tip of Panay, in the western Visayas region. This is off the Sibuyan Sea. Philippines Boracay Island has all the elements of a tropical island. The marine life is rich and diverse.

The island is inhabited by three primary communities: Yapak, Balabag and Manoc-manoc. They occupy the north, middle, and south, respectively. Some of the trails lead to lush-green tropical jungles. There is a lack of electricity and public transportation.


The island was discovered accidentally by some foreign travelers. The island was a secret till this discovery was made. Legend has it that a movie crew was first to spot the island who spread the news to other ‘sun-worshippers’. Some swear by German traveler Jens Peters’s book, which has mention about Boracay.

Irrespective of what is true, the island has become the melting pot for beach lovers. English, German, and French are spoken fluently in the Philippines Boracay Island. The serenity of the place is hard to match. The customs of the local people need to be followed, which says no to nudity, fighting, and loud commotions.

The culinary tastes are as diverse as the travelers. Besides the local cuisine, the popular ones include French, Australian, Belgian, Spanish, and German. Fruit shakes are also famous. Some of the local fruits include mango, pineapple, coconut milk, banana, and cantaloupe.

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