Mount Pinatubo – A Paradise For Mountaineers

An active volcano that stands tall at about 5,840 ft is located on the Luzon Island. Tour to Pampanga is incomplete without going to mount Pinatubo. It is also major source for many rivers that include Santo Tomas, Bucao, Kileng, and Tanguay Rivers. The surroundings are now home to almost 500,000 inhabitants. Exactly positioned in Cabusilan’s Mountain range, it is a dividing line between central plains and Luzon’s west coast. The hilly spot feels the presence of many tourists every year to enjoy the adventurous hike of the mount Pinatubo.

The terrifying eruption

One of the world’s biggest volcanic eruptions took place during June 1991. The unfortunate activity has badly affected almost 100,000 people and more than 900 lost their lives. The eruption continued for almost nine hours and distressed the entire world as the activity discharged million tons of magma and sulfur dioxide. The inhabitants were experiencing earthquakes during March 1991 and as many as 25,000 locals have shifted their abode from the surroundings. Even, the economic loss in billions of dollar was witnessed and central Luzon’s economic conditions were deteriorated.

Prior to 1991, it was surrounded by a lush forest and the area was home to many thousands of Aeta people. Consequent to the eruption, Lake Pinatubo, a crater lake, came into existence. Initially the tiny and acidic crater, turned into cool lake after witnessing heavy rainfalls.

Consequences of the deadly Destructions
The vicinity’s devastated economic progress of the vicinity as the infrastructure and building structures were severely damaged. More than 2.1 million residents of the close by premises were severely affected as well as agriculture and forests were totally ruined. Education and healthcare system was also badly hit.

Hiking the mountain

However previously unnoticed, the place now is attracting million of tourists every year to enjoy the mountain hiking. This is the best activity to be enjoyed in the mountainous area and to reach the beginning point you could hire a bus from Manila. The public bus within two hours will take you to Tarlac.

Tourists’ guide

Opt for a guide or a packaged tour from the surrounding Pinatubo Spa Town. To attain base of the volcano, take 4×4 truck ride. Start trekking the mount Pinatubo. During trekking take the magnificent views of many rivers those come in a way of your trekking. It takes almost three hours to reach the top and here you will be able to take glimpses of the beautiful crater. You can also enjoy swimming into the crater. If you are not interested in hiking than go by ‘sky way’ and it takes an hour’s time unlike three hours of hiking. The best season to be there is dry season. Plan your trip to the mountain during morning time. Register yourself by paying the fees. Wearing trekking shoes and avoiding slippery footwear is advisable while trekking. The entire hiking activity could be accomplished in a day.

The nearby accommodations

Manila Hotel Luzon Island

Renowned as the famous landmark of Manila, the 5-star hotel was inaugurated during 1912. The furniture kept here is a mixture of Philippine colonial as well as modern style. The facilities available include business center, swimming pool, squash courts, and health center, among all.

South of Market Cottage Manila

The facilities provided here include gym, swimming pool, and 24-hour security services. Above all, it is located in close proximity of shopping malls and restaurants.

Boulevard Mansion Hotel

The hotel with neat and clean premises will give you pleasurable atmosphere. It is closely located to the shopping malls and each room contains kitchen.

Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila Hotel

Hotel with very friendly staff and is famous for its buffet breakfast.

Baywatch Condo Manila

It is located in a close proximity of the Phillipine’s cultural centre. The place provides 24-hour security service and the place is furnished exceptionally.

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