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Visit Pakistan and enjoy the sweet pleasures at the Makran Coast here in the southern strip of the fascinating land of Balochistan. Stretching for around 754kms this is a region with long sandy beaches with tidal creeks and promonries which typically characterizes the coastal areas. There are many ranges of hills here which rise to a height of around 1500 metres and also run parallel to the coastline. The Coastal Range of Makran is around 30 kms in the inland region and the Central Makran Range is around 130 kms inland. The sea is around 200 km from the Siahan range and this is one region in Pakistan which attracts tourists because of its dry land and the sight of the few villages scattered here. There are many towns lying on the coast and the hilly landscape here with occasional springs is a great visual delight.

Most of the inhabitants of Makran are dark skinned and have actually many features like the Africans. They maybe be descendants of the slaves who were bought by the merchants coming from the Arab region who finally reached this subcontinent. With camel breeding, date farming and fishing as their main occupations, most of the men here work on a part time basis in the Gulf State of Oman. They then send back money to the families.

Makran coast in Pakistan

It is believed that Alexander the great actually had his army here march till they reached the very difficult Makran Coast. This happened sometime in 325 BC. Then Muhammad Bin Qasim came here from Baghdad and reached Makran sometime in 711 AD. The inhabitant here stood against the mighty Mughals and then had to accept defeat in front of the British rule. There have been lot of efforts to develop this region and from 1971, Makran has seen a steady rise and has been attracting tourists from far and wide. Flights connect the towns of Pasni, Ormara, Jiwani, and Gwadar with the main city of Karachi. Flights to Quetta are also operated thrice a week. The towns of Jiwani and Gwadar are filled with a unique scenic beauty and the sights of the beaches and the cliffs only add to the visual delight. It is said to be belonging to Oman for more than 2 centuries. Then it is said that that Kahan of Kallat gave the region as a present to the Sultan sometime in the 18th century. In the year 1958, these towns were returned back to the country of Pakistan. Today Ormara is a major port.

Makran is a Turbat

The divisional headquarters for Makran is Turbat and this small inland is located between the hills with just around 300 varieties of dates to boast about. It is easily accessible through a rough road from Lasbela and one also reaches this place by air. The main date growing region here is Panigur and it is also a place in Makran Coast that is accessed by flights. Panjgur to Khuzdar is a rough route.

Makran is thus a semi desert land and is a coastal region. Lying to the south of Balochistan and Aind, Makran means Maka and belongs to a satrapy of the Empire of Achaemenid. It lies along the Arabian Sea coastal strip and lies in Iran and Pakistan. The plain here rises swiftly and develops into a mountain range. The climate here being dry with minimal rainfall , Makran faces a lot of population scarcity and most of the people are found living in small ports like Jiwani, Gwatar, Chabahar, and Ormara besides Gwadar, and Pasni.

Coastal Region in Pakistan

The main income of the Makran is through the small islands and islets found here near Pasni. The coastline has a lagoon coastline and also an embayed strip in the western side. Kalamat Hor and Miani Hor are the two main lagoons here. The main bays are the Gwatar Bay and the Gwadar West Bay. There are large forests of mangrove trees here and this is also a turtle nesting region. The Rind tribe ruled this area and Mir Chakar Rind was their leader in those days. Makran became a district with the Balochistan Province and Pakistan took over control in 1958.

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