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Visit Taxila the lovely travel destination in the province of Punjab around 30 kilometres from Islamabad in Pakistan. This is a lovely archaeological site that has a lot of beautiful sights to offer and has the best features of fortifications and buildings, monasteries, settlements and many architectural structures. it is very famous for being a great training centre for Buddhism between the 5th century BC and 2nd century AD.

Visit this beautiful locale here in this part of the world and enjoy seeing the great Buddha. As the lovely eyes of the Buddha gazes on you would find yourself totally taken in with awe and respect. Taxila was the capital of the Gandhara kingdom and was a great centre of learning.

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Lying around 35 km to the north western part of Rawalpindi this lies near Wah and is on the way to Peshawar and is famous for its archaeological structures. Come here and see the Heavy Mechanical Complex and the Heavy Forge Factory which are important structures here. Thus Taxila is a great kaleidoscopical experience.

In the year 327 BC Alexander conquered this place and then Taxila came under the Mauryas. This city developed a great deal under Ashoka’s rule and then came under the Gandhara period. The Kushan dynasty was established here during this time and today Taxila is a great tourist attraction.

Gandhara period

There are many cities in Taxila and Bhir Mound is the earliest of them. Established sometime in the 6th century BC the cramped houses and irregular streets and the primitive origins are a great sight. Sirkap is another city which is on the other side of the Tamara stream and was constructed sometime in the 2nd century BC.

Taxila is a place that is very famous for its Gandhara kind of art and sculpture and attracts your attention completely. With many Buddha images, and the stucco and stone panels that show the most important stage of Buddha’s life. Here you also find one of the most fascinating sculptures of the men of peace. Each sculpture has been made with a lot of attention to minute details, and exquisite extravagance and captivating artistic work. There are many masterpieces here which are a great feast for the eyes.


As you enter Taxila there are many stone men and women who receive you with open arms . Visit these ruins and enjoy the fortress, temples that are found lying here and experience the way the city has progressed along the trade routes of the central part of Asia.

Imprints of Ashoka the popular Buddhist Emperor, Kanishka and Alexander of Macedonia are found here in Taxila and it is something that is worth treasuring and cherishing.

Buddhist emperor

As you come down the streets, you can enjoy the sights of the crowded sections where common men used to live and also see the beautiful streets and also the Apsidal Temple, Royal Palace, and also the temple of the double headed eagle. Here you have Sirsukh which was incidentally the most modern city of all the Kushan cities.

Thus Taxila is an interesting city to visit in Pakistan and provides a great experience of a journey down memory lane.

Apsidal temple

Visit Taxila which is a land filled with great history, and is an ideal travel destination in Pakistan.

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