Pakistan Place to see and sightseeing locales

Pakistan is a country which has a lot of desert delights and gives the effect of being in a desert paradise. This is a land which is a diverse and complex nation with a lot of attractions. There are many places to see here which provide a lot of intriguing value to the place.

Come to the Makran coast and enjoy this coast with the best beaches. This is a great trip you can have and the beautiful wild beauty of the whole place is something to be seen to be believed. The Gwadar town is the main town of the Makran cost and has also developed as a major port. The area is a lovely land of scuba diving and surfing pleasures.

Then there is the region of Taxila and this very old city is of great ancient importance and provides various periods of history. This is a city which was under the influences of the Buddhist and the Greeks and the Persian culture. The archaeological site here is really preserved and there are a lot of testaments to the illustrious past. This is one land that is surely a great attraction in the tours in Pakistan. Come to this land of pleasurable delights and enjoy the tours here in this land of Pakistan.

Kailash valleys

Shandur Pass which is a connection between Gilgit and Chitral and this is the region where the highest polo ground in located. This is a place where every summer there is a desolate wilderness which has a great festival called the Shandur polo festival. This is like a mountain party and gives the most uninhibited mountain experiences, and gives the tourist a great opportunity to cross the slopes which are covered with snow in the winters. So tourists love to experience these snow clad mountains which provide ideal tour experiences in this part of the world.

Shandur Pass

Come to the Kailash valleys and enjoy the sights of the pagan tribe which are seen to live mainly the pristine secluded valleys in the district of Chitral. There is a culture here that exists and is in danger of getting extinct. The origins here have been a great target of anthropological interest. There are unique customs here and also great lifestyle patterns which are typical to this land. Chitral is a great complex of valleys and beautiful sights and provides unique styles of tourism.

Then there is the Khyber Pass in Peshawar which is a beautiful city which everyone has always been wanted to be a part of. This is the pass which has been a famous route for invasion, and this is situated near the city itself and is a great experience for the tourist coming to this part of the world.

Lahore is another city in Pakistan which provides the best combination of culture and beautiful historical views. This is the earlier capital of the Mughals who used to rule ancient India. The Badshahi mosque and the Lahore fort are two of the grandest structures here and the old city filled with the Sufi culture and the local traditions is a great place to be in. there is a great flag lowering ceremony here on the Indian border which is a charming way of enjoying this land.

Chitral valley

Then visit the Deosai Plateau which is the second highest plateau in the world. This comes next after Tibet and is filled with a landscape that is totally a tundra vegetated land. This terrain bursts with life during summers and has some of the best flowers blossoming here. This is a region with a great trout fishing and also has the rare Himalayan Brown Bear spotted here. The Rupal face of the peak of the Nanga Parbat is also accessible from here.

Deosai Plateau

Then you have the Fairy Meadows in the Nanga Parbat Base Camp, and the region of Karimabad, and the wilderness of the Karakorum region which provide greatly fascinating and mesmerizing sights.

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