One of the most beautiful places on earth, Pokhara Nepal

Pokhara is a city located in central Nepal and lies west of Kathmandu Being the capital of the Kaski district, it is also the third largest city in Nepal.Pokhara is famous for being a popular tourist destination.

Pokhara city

The mountains around Pokhara have ruins from the medieval times. When this area was ruled by Prithvi Narayan Shah, he made it a part of his kingdom. Pokhara gained a lot of importance as it became a major trade route servicing Kathmandu and all its surrounding countries. Until the late nineteen-sixties, Pokhara was considered to be a very mystical town, even more so than Kathmandu Pokhara over the years has become one of the largest tourist attractions in Nepal. There are mule caravans that still arrive from the Mustang district in Nepal.

Let us check out the trek that starts from the north of Pokhara.

The Machhapuchhre model trek covers a region that is inhabited by many ethnic groups like Gurung, Tamang, Damai, Kami, Chettri and Brahmins who are living life in their unique traditional way. The trek covers beautiful mountain landscapes, hot springs, tea gardens caves, waterfalls and forests. With a different species of birds and and flora that is only visible in this region. If you fancy mountain biking, horse riding, fishing, canoing and other such adventure sports, this place has it all. You can decide how long you want your trek to be. The treks usually go from three days and you can have an itinerary for up to nine days. The climb can be anywhere from one thousand meters to four thousand meters. Trekking agencies in Nepal, found the trekking route. Later its development was supported by the swiss national center for competency research. A lot of top researchers from the Kathmandu university. These projects are mainly structured for the development of the economy in Nepal.

There are two models of development. One is tourism development in the mountain and the other is the development of tourism in the surrounding villages. Numerous camp sites and temporary living facilities have been set up for the tourists. With a lot of focus on the security and convenience of women.

There are full moon parties happening around so ask the local people and get into it.

Also there are good venues for para-gliding. You can glide along the Pokhara lake. Up to ten days of adventure expeditions are available in the many tour operators in the region.

So come to the beautiful land of Nepal and experience warm culture and nature at one of the most picturesque places on earth.

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