Interesting facts about Mount Everest: Fulfill your dreams

Whether an experienced mountain climber or a beginner, climbing the spectacular Mount Everest is a dream for many people in this world. Some people have fulfilled their dream by climbing onto the mountain and others are inspired by their absolute grit and determination. Mount Everest has attracted many visitors and many gave up their lives in this dangerous chase. Still, the thrill for adventure has never gone down. Mount Everest has become a significant goal for many.

Besides trying this adventurous and thrilling climbs, people visit to take a glimpse of the beautiful mountain. So if you are planning to experience this breathtaking attraction located at the Himalaya range in Asia then before you head for it just check out some the interesting facts about Mount Everest. This is helpful to you, as you will be carrying a set of information into your mind.

Some of the interesting facts about Mount Everest are:

  • Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the entire world.
  • Mount Everest was formed some 60 million years ago.
  • The height of Mount Everest is about 29,035 feet above the sea level, making it the tallest in the earth.
  • George Everest discovered Mount Everest in the year 1841. He was the Surveyor General of India from 1830 to 1843.
  • In the year 1865, this mountain was renamed to honor him from its original name – Peak XV.
  • On 19th May 1953, the first persons to conquer Mount Everest were Sir Edmund Hilary and Tenzing Norgay.
  • The height of Mount Everest is nearly 28 times the size of Burj Al Arab, and might 12.5 times the height of Burj Dubai tower.
  • Mount Everest is located between Nepal and Tibet and climbers can scale this mountain from any side.
  • Due to the geological forces, Mount Everest rises some millimetres per year.
  • More than 2000 people reached to the top of the mountain.
  • There are nearly 120 dead bodies on the mountain. The bodies are of climbers who gave up their lives climbing at the mountain.
  • Avalanches are the major cause of death for the climbers scaling the mountain.
  • The summit is located right below the cruising height of a jet.
  • The youngest person who reached to the summit was of the age limit of 13 and the oldest person was of 70 years.
  • The mountain is called as Sagarmatha in Nepal, which means forehead of the sky.
  • The mountain is recognized as the Chomolangma for mother of the universe in Tibetan language.

At the height of 25,000 feet, the air at Mount Everest has only one third of Oxygen of sea level. This increases the chance of frostbite, high-altitude pulmonary, hypothermia, filled lungs with fluid, and high altitude cerebral edema. With these important and interesting facts about Mount Everest, you can head on and make your journey a real adventure. But remember, do not get over excited to climb. Take precautionary measures and enjoy your days safely at this amazing and breathtaking mountain.

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