How high is Mount Everest, Can you judge it?

Mount Everest is the tallest mountain in the world. The entire world is aware of this fact, but have you ever thought of how high is Mount Everest? This question always varies differently as no one knows the exact height of the mountain. You go to different people and you will get different views, who know all might be wrong. Still, as it is the tallest mountain, the height should be something that satisfy human mind by saying that the height might be accurate.

The question of how high is Mount Everest is a never to be solved query that makes people to browse the internet and get some measurements of the mountain. Out of this, many believe what they seek from the net and many gets contradictory views and measurements that confuse them even more. Well, such things happen all because of the height of the mountain that goes on rising few millimetres a year.

Mount Everest

The present height of Mount Everest has been deduced to 29,028 feet, which is above the sea level. It was the year 1852, when Mount Everest was first measured. Few of the infrequent measurement were also been done earlier, but all of them were discarded in the middle. During the year 1852, the British Trigonometrical Survey of India had measured the height of Mount Everest as 29,002 feet at above the sea level. Surprisingly, this measure was very much close to the actual height of the mountain. This height has been officially accepted by over 100 years.

The figures were slightly adjusted in the year 1955 after more than hundred years. This adjusted height was just 26 feet adrift. Now the adjust figure stands at a height of 29,028 feet. Recently, in the year 2007, the Federal Government of China had decided to begin a new drive to measure the height of the mountain. All these has been done by keeping in the view the accessibility of modern technique and equipments. Well, the height of different mountain peaks has diverse from the recognized figures due to the global warming and its counter-repercussions.

So if you want to experience the height of Mount Everest then head towards it, get the best of the views captured into your camera, try climbing a little, and make your holidays a lifetime achievement. The beauty of Mount Everest with cool ice cover on it will never fail to attract and fascinate you completely.

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