Chitwan National Park – the must destination while traveling to Nepal

Chitwan National Park has been for a long time regarded as third biggest attraction in Nepal behind trekking as well as the Kathmandu Valley. This beautiful and huge nature reserve guards around 932 sq km of sal wooded area, water marshes as well as rippling grassland. This park is known to be one of the preceding refuges of in danger of extinction one-horned Indian rhino as well as there are considerable populations of leopards, tigers, as well as exceptional Gangetic dolphins.

Chitwan National Park

Previous to the Maoist revolution, Chitwan was been visited through an remarkable 92% of the entire tourists to Nepal, on the other hand the numbers of tourists have plummeted ever since the year 2001. The up market lodges placed surrounded by this park even today attract polite numbers of tourists, however a number of budget resorts placed within Sauraha have been closed down as well as various others have plunged their charges a lot.

On one particular level, the wildlife in the park has in all probability benefited as of the reduced numbers of the tourists, in addition it is a great deal easier to look for as soon as you do not have a huge number of tourists shouting as well as scaring off the targeted prey. On the other hand, poaching has enlarged a lot from the time when the Nepali armed forces stopped guarding this park, as well as the rhino populace in the park has been hit above all faultily.

A lot of people have a stopover at Chitwan National Park on the package tours that are been pre-arranged all the way through travel agents placed in Kathmandu, as well as Pokhara or else in a foreign country. This is by a large amount the easiest loom if you graph to continue at one of the few up market lodges placed surrounded by the park.

If you can by no means manage to pay for one of the many luxurious lodges placed deep surrounded by the park, the in close proximity town of Sauraha is an exceptional substitute. A diminutive however vivacious tourist centre has been developed all along the bank of the river about 6km in the southern region of Sauraha Chowk (commonly the Tandi Bazaar) on the Mahendra Highway, by means of restaurants, hotels, bars, as well as moneychangers, Internet cafés, travel agents, in addition to dozens of shops selling the packed range of Nepali souvenirs, as of pirate CDs up to ashtrays with tiger pugmark.

Careless expansion has destabilized a few of the safari ambiance at Sauraha, on the other hand the background is remarkable – perched next to an extensive, measured-flowing river by means of a wall of opaque jungle frightening tantalizingly on the far-off river bank. An unbelievable series of jungle actions can be pre-arranged as well as the neighboring countryside is a diplomatic hodgepodge of rice fields as well as Tharu villages. In actual fact, there is in all probability more to accomplish at this juncture other than the huge, exclusive lodges placed surrounded by the park.

As soon as planning a stopover at the Chitwan National Park, attempt to furnish yourself adequate time for a number of safaris. In addition, the wildlife in Chitwan National Park is changeable as well as you cannot rely on sightings each time. Two complete days within the park is in actual fact the smallest amount for spotting of wildlife. Be conscious that the well-liked four-day, as well as three-night packages to the Chitwan National Park take account of a day of voyage at whichever end.

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