The exciting city of Mandalay

Mandalay in Burma(Myanmar); is the second largest city and it also happens to be the last royal capital of Burma… this place is located almost five hundred kilometers to the north of the Yangon. It is also on the eat bank of the Irrawaddy river.

Mandalay is considered to be the center for the Burmese culture. It is also the economic hub of the region. This place has a constant flow of Chinese tourists. The tourists are usually from the runnan province. This place that entire given a new shape to the ethic makeup of the city and has further given a major boost to the dynamic economy of the region.

This place also became and educational, commercial and a health center of the country.

The Mandalay hill is what is responsible for the city getting its name. The original pail word is not very clear, and there are quite a few possibilities.

Mandalay has been speculated to mean auspicious land. This place was founded in the year eighteen fifty seven. This royal city was then officially named as ratanapura.

After the country got its independence in the year nineteen forty eight. This place continued still being a regional, cultural economic and educational hub. Until recently a lot of students from the rest of Burma and Myanmar used to come to Mandalay for university education.

The streets later were filled with bicycles and dusty streets with low lying buildings. This city was destroyed by two massive fires. The fire destroyed about three thousand buildings and got twenty-three thousand people homeless.

Many Chinese people migrated here because a lot of land that was brunt during the fires was not bought for a while until the market way open people other than the locals.

Because of this; lots of Chinese people bought land here. Because of then influx of Chinese people here, so, it was even easier for the government of chine to take control of this place.

The Chinese make up for about thirty five to forty percent of the population the entire city of Mandalay.

The Chinese are so integrated into the region that even the Chinese festivals are included into the local economic and cultural calendar here in this region.

The Chinese were almost completely responsible for the financial revival of this town.

This place now has apartment blocks, shopping malls and shopping centers, more organized markets places.

Although, the Chinese coming here has resulted in; getting the local people out of this region.This place serves as a trading hub between India, china, upper and lower Burma.

Mandalay is located in the central dry zone of Burma .it lies along the sagaing fault which is a tectonic. The boundaries of it lie between the Indian plates and the sundra plates.

Mandalay hill is known all over for its holy mountain. According to the legend, Buddha, has prophesized that a big and great city would be founded at his foot.

This hill is at an elevation of about two hundred and thirty meters.

This hill offers an amazing view of the country side as well as the surrounding city. There ahs been a project undertaken by the government to start a motor road to this place, and by now the road has already been completed.

The zayco market is the largest and most important market place in the great land of Mandalay. At this time this place was ruled with king mindon. This market is supposed to the be oldest of market in the whole of the Myanmar region. Literally, zaycho in Burmese means cheap price. This market place is apparently a major import and export market bringing in goods from different countries. Thailand was famous for its silk. The Chinese were known for their jade. India was famous for all the spices and different jewellery, art and handicrafts. There are many shops here selling different kinds of food, household appliances. Like most markets, this market has its own section for its clothing trade and the electronic market. The largest gold and jewellery market in the entire region is found her in this market and the section occupies an entire building filled in small shops selling different varieties of imported and locally made jewelry.

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