It was me, you and Inle Lake!

Remember Burma (myanmar) is not luxury and opulence but its about living a simple life! A traveler looking for luxurious stay and sexy pool, something of typical vacationer, this is for committed and curious traveler.

One such traveler is Rose and Jack, that’s me and my boy friend; we decided to go to Burma (myanmar), for excursion to see the mystique of South Asia.

Sharing a page from my diary, my visit to beautiful Inle Lake, Shan State, Burma (myanmar).

Learning some geography and history of Inle Lake we wnet to explore and see the simple down to earth beauty of Inle Lake and of Inthu i.e. people inhabiting this area since when.

From Rangoon, we took a flight and went to town of Heho and then a hour’s drive we came into town of Nyung Shwe.

We reached in pretty early in day; we came by Inle Lake, roughly 13.8 miles long, somewhat 6.9 miles wide with average depth of five feet and going to 10 feet. With no guide to tour us, all that we wanted to know; we did by asking people, who spoke primitive English.

Driving or mostly by walking we saw the simple living and beauty of the lake and Inthu people making their living from the lake’s floating garden, that is aquatic vegetation which is composted foliage and there was this amazing thing where soil that was staked at lake’s bottom with bamboo poles was actually being transported across the lake. Most produce grown in these lake gardens are vegetables – mainly tomatoes and beans – and the codia leaf, a leaf used to roll tobacco and make cheroots.

‘one-legged fishermen’: Extraordinary

These people don’t know who started this original, eccentric method of rowing. What’s that makes this method extraordinary is that with one leg, they row the boat in Inle Lake! They stand upright at the stern, with the other leg they row with a paddle attached to their leg, they balance perilously on the back of their sampans, which leaves their hands free to drop their tall conical nets, to catch over passing fish, as they spot them in shallow lake. Intha people being accomplished fishermen and market gardeners, they are also talented metalworkers, weavers and carpenters.
Ithu culture and there customs and way of living can be seen as you travel through the Inle Lake, the lake is idyllic, azure water with rays of sun shinning in its sheen, there is mystique yet simplicity about the facets of Inle Lake and Inthu people.


Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, was the highlight of the trip, it is a pagoda, which contains images of the Buddha with so much gold leaf rubbed on the statue that they almost look like gilded eggs. The balcony at the back of the pagoda has the overlooks of a large courtyard, where we came across loads of school children and how happy they got when we posed with them for few clicks. those smiley faces, so cheerful in their native lives, far away from fast paced city life and living in such lovely and beautiful place. It was so good time with them as we shook hands, talked with each other and as I gave them some of my Hershey’s bars. They squealed loudly and I so much loved it! We also saw the jumping of cats in InLe Lake’s Monastery, it was so funny and at same time, I was in admiration for the monks who had trained these wild cats well.

Shopping at Floating Markets:

The Inle Lake is also known for its floating markets, for its artisans, and its cottage factories produce of hand-woven silk and fabric, jewelry, Shan bags, hand-formed metalwork and cheroot (Burmese traditional cigars). I tried a puff of that Burmese traditional Cigar, it kicked well! We saw at a shop where local Shan and Inthu girl were weaving the traditional Shan Bags, she was so pretty with a infectious smile, something about her told us she is sweet girl, with her long hair tied at back in pony tail, and she was working on her loom in that rhythmic sound of machine, she even sang us sweet song, which I didn’t understand much though I complimented her for her voice and looks she was all giggling and blushing. Buying a Shan bag and also silk scarf, Jack gave them to me as gift along with a traditional necklace, which I wore for rest of the trip. We even took a pedal cab ride back to hotel in late evening, it was good you know!

Inle Lake Weather – Fantastic evening

At sunset, seeing the sky painted in brilliant hues of red and orange as the sun slipped beneath the mountains in the distance and as we saw the last of the fishermen making their way back to the shore, and the interiors of the thatched huts along the lake, were illuminated by the flicker of candles and saw Inthu wives busy cooking on hearths as night fell. the natural beauty of Inle Lake, was simply mesmerizing. The moment was so romantic and at same time I was completely in awe of the vision and was so happy to share these moments with Jack.

We stayed at Hotel November in Nyaung Shwe, and what we liked about this hotel was a Shan cultural show that was performed live on an outdoor stage, which was truly amazing and how it shared with us their culture, heritage and customs. And in morning and evening we could hear chants of young Buddhist nuns drifting through the air, from the monastery down the street from the hotel, the place is truly enchanting and so serene.

Here time moves so slowly as if it wants you to enjoy each and very moment and live out a beautiful yet a simple life with no pretentious, but simple living. Its place of dedicated people who have work ethic even in work like fishing, farming and crafting small delicates like silver bracelets to their traditional cigars.

I really loved my time there immensely and especially sharing with Jack it all became so awesome.

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