A New Experience With The Old Zaycho Market

Mandalay is the largest city of Burma/ Myanmar only after Yangon city. It was the imperial capital of the country till the year 1885. After the period the British had established their rule over the city. Before the annexation of the city, it served as the commercial as well as cultural and also an important education center in the country. Mostly Buddhist education was provided in the city. Today Mandalay serves as a house to nearly hundreds of Buddhist monasteries and also to some monks. The total number of monks living in the city is around 70,000. The monks play an important role in retaining the various traditional heritages that belonged to the past and also the numerous pagodas and also the temple which are considered as few excellent monuments in the country. Also remember to visit the very famous Mandalay hill, from which the city derived its name. But is the best location in the city that provides you with an out of the world view of almost entire city.

If you are having plans of visiting Mandalay don’t forget to visit the most devoted site in the country, the Mahamuni Pagoda. Also include the Sandamui Paya as well as the Kuthodaw sites of the city. Also visit the Mandalay Palace which gives a brief idea regarding the richness of the city.

While you are on your tour in Mandalay, take a walk at the length of the U Bein’s bridge, it is known to be the largest bridge in the world which is made up of wood. It is located to the southern region Patadawgi Paya and is constructed over the lake Taungthaman.

If your including shopping in your must do list while in Mandalay, than Mandalay’s shopping renowned as across the country. The novel Mandalay’s Zaycho market is situated at the center of the city, and the numerous options you get in the market includes old as well as new puppets and delicately embroidered tapestries commonly known as kalaga.

Zaycho Market is also spelled as Zay Cho or Zeigyo also Zaygyo and Zegyo Market.It is the biggest and the most significant market in the Mandalay city and also in upper Burma. The market was constructed since the phase of King Mindon. It is well known that the Zaycho market is one of the very few oldest markets in that are located Myanmar. Zaycho is a Burmese word which means “cheap price”. Whether the value is actually cheap or not is hard to answer. On the other hand, this is the market that merchandise and goods from entire Myanmar and also goods from India as well as China and Thailand are advertised in lots.

Zaycho market is the comprehensive market and also a retail market. Here you can easily find anything ranging from the famous Thai silk, Chinese jade as well as the Indian spice also the Burmese handicraft, jewellary and the arts. There are shops that put up for sale of foods, as well as household and fruits, accessories with clothes and a huge range of electronics. In the market of Upper Burma’s well-known for jewellery as well as gold can be easily located here. It occupies almost one complete floor of a building in the Zaycho market.

In the year 1990s, the government of Myanmar/ Burma knocked down the old market structure and later constructed a new building in the similar place. There are now in all eight market edifices, mostly all the buildings in the market are four storeys, except the one building which has six stories.

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