Paradise Islands Maldives

The Maldives which is also called the republic of Maldives is an island nation which is located in the Indian ocean. This lace is formed by a double chain of about twenty six atolls which stretch a north south direction and going toward the Lakshwadeep islands, this place is between Minicoy Island. This place is located about seven hundred kilometers to the south west of Sri Lanka.

The Paradise Island Maldives is largely a terra incognita for the many tourists who come here especially until the early seventies. This is right across the equator which lies in the Indian Ocean. This is an archipelago which has a unique shape mostly because it is such a small island country. The tourism industry on the Paradise Island Maldives shows the emergence of the tourism in the nineteen hundred and seventy two, this is what totally transformed the economy of Maldives. This place moved quite rapidly from the fishery sector to the tourism sector.

In about three and half decodes, this industry has turned into one of the main sources of income for the people living here in Maldives. The largest percentage of foreign, currency which is earned is through tourism. This also happens to be the largest contributor to the GDP. There are about eighty nine beach resorts here on the Paradise Island Maldives. The hotels can accommodate about seventeen thousand people and provide facilities for tourists have an annual arrival figure of what goes to about six hundred thousand.

There are many resorts which have start at about two beach resorts and now there are ninety two. Until now, about nine million tourists have visited the Maldives.

There are many scuba diving competitions that are held here in the Maldives. This place has about one thousand scuba divers who descend in the water all at the same time. This record had later been overtaken in Indonesia.

There was a cabinet meeting which was held underwater here in the Maldives and the Maldives was the first country to make this possible.

The underwater meeting happened as a part of a much wider campaign which was held and supported by the international environmental NGO.

The ethnic identity of Maldives happens to be a nice blend of what seems to be different cultures that have reflected amongst the people who settled here on the islands. These had been reinforced here by languages and religion.

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