Maldives – Ticket to Pleasure

Have you ever thought you could buy pleasure and luxury in your life? Yes all this and more is possible if you are a travel freak.

So obviously you are wondering how. Just take a flight to the lovely locales of Maldives and then you would agree that it is indeed possible to buy happiness in life.

For this land of magic in travel is the place where more than 1190 islands are found. Of course, only 200 of these islands are inhabited. Around 88 islands in the area of Maldives have resorts of luxury and these offer a perfect destination and a major experience for all the tourists. If you like the wild way of travel and if you want to feel the best colours of the blue sea, then just come to this land of Maldives and enjoy the beautiful ambience here.

Come to this place which has the best beaches with the loveliest of palm trees and the most magnificent of surroundings. The vibrant colours and the adventurous excitement here is what makes the tourist long to come here again. The entire area is dotted with smalltime activities which are a way of keeping the tourist completely engrossed and totally involved with the whole experience. Come and enjoy the water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving and the other activities of undersea activities. Enjoy the water scooters and the windsurfing here and also the beautiful feel of the enchanting atmosphere. The recreation here unlimited and the fun is beyond experience. Enjoy the coral watching activities and the exotic spas and the great pleasures of being in this land of dreamy pleasures.

Snorkeling in Maldives

Male is a small beautiful island of Maldives which is a totally replete with pulsating excitement. This is the capital of Maldives and this is where you would find the mosques, roads and the beautiful parks with luscious greenery. The major landmark here is the grand National Museum which is a located in the Sultan’s Park. This is where you would find the relics of the Sultan who lived here before. This is a place where some of the rarest items of the Sultan rule are exhibited. The thrones, statures and the palanquins, and other antique articles are shown in this museum. The entire cultural heritage of Maldives is shown here and also the tradition that has been existing here since ages.

Come here and see the beautiful dome made of gold and the Huskuru Miskily which is also known as the Friday Mosque. This magnificent structure which belongs to the 17th century. It showcases the architecture of the earlier eras have been shown in many places. Thus this mosque is greatly important in Maldives and an important area of tourism. The Islamic Center is housed here in this mosque. With great carved work and extremely intrinsic wooden doors, this mosque with the grandest of minarets is a great heritage of the country of Maldives.

Friday Mosque

Also visit Seenu Atoll which is a base for Air Force. This is known as the Second City of Maldives and is a major tourist hub. There are around 23 islands in this land and the entire region is dotted with the best sights in the Maldives archipelago.

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September 16, 2021
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September 16, 2021
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