Tread along the golden route, in Japan

The golden route connects Tokyo to Kyoto. This place has many coastal detours that are quite scenic. The Tokaido post road is vast and goes along many different types of scenery.

Golden Route

This road was an inspiration for many artists and poets for the kind of beauty that can be found here. They said that the elation received here when they felt inspired was just amazing hen you look at the series of these paintings. The fifty three stations of the Tokaido. This place has a lot of people who come here traveling for pleasure. This is also considered to be one of the world’s most famous touring routes. These fifty three stations were all built all in one day.

Today this place has a lot of things to look at. This traveling route has many opportunities to experience an ultra Japanese experience. The Shinkanses and the walking postman style are some of the ways that you can actually go around exploring the place. When you actually do try to travel this way, you would then be able to complete this entire trip in ten days.

When you are at Tokyo

A lot of roads in Japan; start at Nihonbashi. This place is actually called as the Japanese bridge. Ni-Hon Bashi is also considered to be the center of Tokyo. This place is usually where most of the journeys begin. Before you actually set out on your journey it is best to get to know a few places here and check them out as Tokyo has a lot of beautiful things to see and experience. If you want to get in the imperial palace then you better pre- book and make a reservation a few days in advance. This place has lovely garden and it is right beside the imperial palace east garden.

Nihonbashi bridge

A tribute to the people who died in the war is the Yasukuni shrine. This place also lies close by to the temple. You will later come across the Tokyo booksellers district here you can come across a lot of cheap books about Japanese history.

Yasukuni shrine

The Tokyo museum and the sumo stadium are some of the most popular places here; this museum has some wonderful artifacts. These reconstructed models of the old wood blocks have a large printing shop and a wooden theater here as well.

Sumo stadium

The shrine and temple here in local temples are in regular use. you could also go and visit the Senso-Ji temple, the Hanse Kannon temple and the Meiji Jingo.

Senso-Ji temple

The side of Japan which is filled with neon lights and glitzy shops are in Ginza and Harajuku. There are lots of electrical goods that you could find at Shibuya. Mitsukoski is also a good place to shop. This place has green patches or gardens every few meters. After a few temples there is the Tokyo city hall.

You should definitely check out the local fish market. The fish market is said to leave a lasting impression on all the people that come here.

After you get done with Tokyo, get on the Shinkanses and go to Odawara. This is the official gateway to the Hakone national park. This apparently is one of the most famous parks in the entire region.

Shinkanses Tokyo

It would be preferable if get a Japanese rail pass before you actually begin your journey. Once you get your rail-pass you could get around the place quite easily.

There is a Fuji pilgrimage that takes you to the spiritual places in the region giving you an authentic Japanese temple experience. Hakone is famous for its black eggs which are cooked in the valley water. This apparently adds about seven years to your life.

On the way to Kyoto, you could try boarding a slower train. Kyoto is a beautiful place and it is the actual heart of Japanese culture. For example Gions famous floating world streets. These mysterious floating streets have different smells and colors. The hotels here are very abundant and precious in the local market region of Kyoto. Try taking a walk on the philosophers path, this path is what would bring you to wonder about a lot with regard to your life.

This path apparently passes some of the most beautiful houses, temples, shrines, and along this beautiful path you will also find a willow trees and cherry trees. Once you are done with this entire step into a local restaurant and treat yourself to one of the many amazing local food stalls here. You might want a take a short walk a while after your dinner before to you head out to the famous moss garden of Ginkaki-Ji . Make sure you pick up a map from the local travel shops. If you ever have a doubt about where you are headed and you need help, don’t hesitate to ask any of the local friendly people who will be more than glad to assist you.

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