The Amazing Magical Island of Nikoi part 3

When you are back at the harbor, you would see small wooden boats that are painted blue and green just bobbin besides the long wooden dock. You could hire a fifteen minute trip to the island of Penyengat. This is visible all across the bay. When this place is carefully maintained with stilted houses, you could finally come into view as the many bats approach the island. Most of the buildings here are one storied buildings that are dwarfed by a yellow canary mosque with a green roof.

Penyengat Island

Sultan Mahmud gifted the island to his wife, Raja Hamidah in the year eighteen hundred and four. This place was an important center for the working government and the Malay culture.

You could even hire a motorcycle rickshaw which would zip you through tiny roads which are more like zig zag pathways that pass through the island. When you stop at the palace building which is an old citadel, there is a renovated performance hall which is along side a grave of a famous Malay scholar called sultan Hajji.

When the westerners came across this island, it almost felt like a new discovery to them.

A lot of guests get very attached to the place, which could be because of the friendly staff, or the charming beach houses or even the local food.

If ask to see the pets of the locals, you might get to meet a few spiders or may be even a monitor lizard.

You could shack up at the one bedroom beach house in Nikoi which is at 6596 351950. You get a good fresh shrimp pasta and fresh salad which is made from local ingredients. There are an additional eighty dollars for three meals through the day.

A less expensive option could be the eco resort Loola at Bintan. This place is a lovely rustic bungalow with stilts on the water.

Eco resort Loola

Nikoi is a forty two acre resort island which is located about five miles off the eastern coast of Bintan, Indonesia. It also lies about eighty five kilometers southeast of Singapore. This island was initially purchased by Andrew and Julia Dixon.

These were an Australian couple who came to visit Bintan in the year two thousand and five. The couple along with a group of financiers built the island in a large boutique resort. As of two thousand and ten, this place consists of about fifteen beach houses.

The maximum height on the island is about thirty meters. It has white sand beached and large white granite boulders on the sands. There are lovely coral reef shores on these too.

Most of the island is a Banyan forest. This place is home to many bird species and it is said to be an important located where turtles are said to come and nest.

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