Shiretoko National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Shiretoko National Park envelops the whole area of the Shiretoko Peninsula. It is an isolated northeastern corner of Hokkaido, a Japanese island. In the year 2005, this park was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Shiretoko National Park Japan

Shiretoko National Park is known to be one of the few most far-flung areas in the entire of Japan. This national park doesn’t have any sizable settlements; also the northernmost portion of the Shiretoko peninsula does not have any proper roads. Peak season for visiting this park is anytime in the short summer season; this park is kept open for tourist visits all throughout the year; however the conditions during the winter months can be extremely harsh.

Things to see in Shiretoko National Park

The Shiretoko Five Lakes are the highlights of Shiretoko Peninsula and is are popular tourist attractions. These lakes are easily reached from the city center. They are located on the western coast at the ending of the main road. These five lakes are located in close proximity of one another and the distance between them can be easily covered by walking a leisurely walk. The walking trails between the lakes are well-maintained and walking the complete length of the trail will hardly require one hour. While you are walking watch out for the huge bears!

Shiretoko Lake

The Oshinkoshin Waterfalls in close proximity to the park are quite ordinary, however still are impressive set of huge waterfalls. They are located more conveniently adjacent to the road on your way to your hostel.

Oshinkoshin Waterfalls

The Kamuiwakka Falls are known to be one of the few amazing natural wonders all around Japan. The road that leads to this falls are currently closed down for the private traffic, thus you are required to get the shuttle bus (normally charged ¥1180) starting from the main stop at Shiretoko Shizen Center.

Kamuiwakka Falls

The well-known Shiretoko Pass is a popular stop at the highest point of the road, which connects the eastern and western coastlines on the circuit of tour bus. This route offers excellent views of Mount Rausu and the Kunashiri Island on a clear day.

Things to do in Shiretoko National Park

You can plan out a day trip for climbing up to the summit of Mount Rausu. It is one of the popular things to do in Shiretoko National Park, but is quite tough. The normal time that you will require to reach at the summit is around 5-6 hrs. The only thing I can promise you is, you will surely enjoy the whole of your climb.

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