Mount Fuji, Tokyo, Japan

When you come to the beautiful Mount Fuji, one of the first things you will notice is how precisely and wonderfully the peak is formed. In fact Mount Fuji is actually quite shy. Any sighting of the famous mountain is actually quite a big blessing. The entire path that leads up to the summit is covered with ash. You could bring your friends or family along as this place is not an extreme place to climb and such. You could trek for about two house under the thick forest and find the many characteristics of the lower part of the trail. These were originally beginning to look back at the heavy mist and clouds that surrounds the area.

Mount Fuji Tokyo

You might still find a good amount of greenery. The terrain has now become more desolate. When you get to a corner, you may find yourself right above the tree line. This is where Mount Fuji is. Fuji – san, as is called locally; is a revered mountain which has been famous and beloved to the Japanese people.

He snow capped splendor here is quite customary. It is also quite a beautiful sight. When you reach on top the least you would do, is giving out a victory cry. You can also share your achievement with your family members of friends, or if you are here by your own then there re many local folks who must already be at the summit and they are sure to give you a nice warm welcome.

The Japanese men also do a variety of Japanese poses for you to click pictures of.

When you savor the moment to the full, you would actually get a very elaborate and scenic view of the mountain.

There are many legends that proclaim that Fuji used to be the home of a powerful fire goddess. This goddess would usually be quite jealous of other women in her area. And because of this, the goddess would express her displeasure every now and then. She would in fact do this by having lava molten and red, gush out from the mountain, with large clouds of ash come out as well. The last eruption that took place here was in the year seventeen hundred and seven. The volcano was quite devastating as it covered the streets of Tokyo right up to as far as sixty miles away.

The volcano has also been connected to the sacred Shinto shrine. And because of this the sheer combination of power and perfection is something which works well along side the rising sun.

Mount Fuji volcano

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