Lake Ashi – providing scenic views of Mount Fuji

Lake Ashi or else Hakone Lake, also the Ashinoko Lake, is a picturesque lake, which is located in the Hakone region of Kanagawa Prefecture, located in Honshū, Japan. This lake is a crater lake, which is located by the side of the southwestern wall of the caldera of the Mount Hakone, which is a complex volcano. This lake is branded for its breathtaking views of the Mt. Fuji as well as its abundant hot springs. Quite a lot of pleasure boats as well as ferries pass through this lake, which provides scenic views for the passengers and the tourists. One of these boats is an unrestrained model of pirate ship which was known as a man-of-war.

Lake Ashi

The majority tourists, who arrive at Lake Ashi hang about in the resorts, which is positioned in close proximity, or else take a trip to a few of the local tourist attractions, which includes arriving at The Great Boiling Valley by way of the aerial tram Hakone Ropeway. The Hakone Ropeway aerial tram that starts from this lake unites to Sounzan, , which is the upper terminus of the funicular railway of popular Hakone Tozan Cable Car. This one by one connects with the mountain railway of Hakone Tozan Line for the drop towards Odawara as well as a bond to Tokyo by means of the Tōkaidō Shinkansen.

Hakone Ropeway Aerial Tram

Lake Ashi was been formed within the caldera of the Mount Hakone subsequent to the last eruption of this volcano around 3000 yrs ago. In the present day, this lake along with Mt Fuji in the backdrop is the pictogram of Hakone.

The most excellent views of this lake in permutation with Mt Fuji can be easily enjoyed from Moto-Hakone, also the Hakone Detached Palace Garden as well as while traveling around sightseeing in boats cruise at this lake.

Hakone Detached Palace Garden

Many times clouds as well as poor visibility block the views of Mt Fuji, as a result you have to believe yourself lucky proviso you obtain a clear view of this mountain. In addition, visibility is better all through the colder seasons in the year than the summer months, and in late evening hours and the early morning.

Two companies, Izuhakone Sightseeing Boats and Hakone Sightseeing Boats, operate boats connecting Moto-Hakone as well as Hakone-machi at the southern shores of the lake and Kojiri and Togendai at the lake’s northern shores.

Hakone Sightseeing Boats

A boat journey from one end to the other of the lake takes generally 30 mins as well as costs approximately 970 yen.

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