Japanese Atlantis: Baffling the geologists!

A baffling site is left dormant and deserted though now not forgotten since its discovery and also because of marine geologist Masaaki Kimura who believes this is an ancient city which was sunk by an earthquake in about 2000 years ago i.e. Japanese Atlantis lying just below the waters off Yonaguni Jima.Masaaki Kimura is the obsessed and ardent about this site and he is fervor about it being a man made as this site is being opposed as nature based by some. He has been diving at the site to measure and map the formations of the Atlantis for more then 15 years! And on returning from each time of his dives he gets more convinced that this is some 5000 year old city which will change the history of origins of ancient times of South Asia. This place could rewrite the chronology of olden times and saga of ancient civilization.

Japanese Atlantis

“The largest structure looks like a complicated, monolithic, stepped pyramid that rises from a depth of 25 meters [82 feet],” said Kimura, giving a supportive to this site being a Japanese Atlantis of 5000 year old city where as Robert Schoch, a professor of science and mathematics at Boston University who has dived at the site said “I’m not convinced that any of the major features or structures are manmade steps or terraces, but that they’re all natural,It’s basic geology and classic stratigraphy for sandstones, which tend to break along planes and give you these very straight edges, particularly in an area with lots of faults and tectonic activity.”

Yonaguni Jima is an island, near the southern tip of Japan’s Ryukyu archipelago, 75 miles i.e. some 120 kilometers off the eastern coast of Taiwan. It was a local diver who first noticed the Yonaguni formations in year 1986, after which it was unofficially renamed Iseki Hanto, or Ruins Point. The Site is basically owned by the district of Yonaguni and tourists and researchers can freely dive at the site.

On hearing about this site, Kimura’s initial impression was of it being natural but after his dives he changed his mind and now is convinced about it being on of the sunken city of Japan. Though he himself faces the difficulty to explain that this is man made city rather then natural because of its origin as being only natural but he has found out vast amount of evidence which shows the sign of human influence on the structures, which are rudimentary characters etched onto carved faces, rocks sculpted into the likenesses of animals and quarry marks in the stone. And he also believes it to be of ancient origin.

The city must have sunk in one of the huge seismic events of Pacific Rim like a tsunami could have befallen the bade fate to this ancient civilization or it could have been a earthquake also. The total area of these ruins is 984 feet by 492 feet approx of 300 meters by 150 meters. Stalactites found inside of the sunken city’s underwater cave is some 5000 years old and also a charcoal of 1600 years ago has been found in near by site. He reports that there are structures of some ruin castle, an arch, temples and some stadium like thing and all of these are connected by roads and water channels yet more direct evidence of human’s involvement in this site is hard to come by as pottery and wood would definitely not last in bottom of ocean. Toru Ouchi has also stated that he has also never seen such tectonic activity having such a magnitude effect on a landscape in or above water.

Though the geologist who support the theory that this is natural and not some man made city believes that the holes are made by underwater eddies scouring it, marine creatures exploiting seams of rock, with angles and many symmetry that don’t add up and is not regular and the faces of human, animals and site where there is supposed to be pictography of cow is nothing but scratches on a rock in natural way.

Although there are some experts who believe these structures are of fabled civilization of Pacific of Mu which is rumored to have vanished and gone down in waves.

Yet Kimura is undeterred and determined to get more definitive answers and collect more evidence to support it being a man made origin.

This is the intriguing mystery as nothing known about who or what and how made it? Its simply extraordinary and a very beautiful site or could it be ruins that are stretched for kilometers with a key question being whether it is currents who have carved these rocks or is it some old city. The centerpiece of 300 meter long giant pyramid shaped long monument is attracting divers and researchers, far and wide.

It is fascination in itself and kind of ancient wonder, be it as natural or man made, this site in Japan should must be visited by all the divers and also for all geologist this site has the mystique and aura.

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