Goshiki numa – explore the five colored lakes

Goshiki-numa is known to be a cluster of almost five different volcanic lakes that are situated at the pedestals of Mt Bandai within the central region of the Lake District in Bandai-kōgen in Fukushima Prefecture in Japan.


In addition, Goshiki-numa was been formed while Mt Bandai had been erupted on July 15, in the year 1888, which in turn destroyed dozens of the villages, which were located in close proximity as well as killing just about 500 people whilst creating numerous lakes and tarns.

This eruption had completely rearranged this landscape, which created the plateau of Bandai-kōgen as well as damming the local rivers. This eruption had imparted huge mineral deposits to the huge Five Colored Lakes, which has provided each one of them their individual delicate color, which ranges from cobalt blue up to reddish green. The different colors of each and every lake puzzlingly fluctuate all the way through the year with the change in the weather. Given that of the the eruption, the regions of Goshiki-numa has turn out to be one of the popular tourist destinations. A just about four-kilometers long walking path starting from Lake Bishamon, which is the largest among the five lakes, up to Lake Hibara provides the tourists with a sight of the entire five lakes.

These lakes are also acknowledged as the Five Colored Swamps. Also I believe they could rise up their market appeal simply by calling them as the Five Colored Lakes.

In any case, the quagmires are a sequence of the small lakes that are colored by a variety of shades of green and blue through mineral deposits. A few of these lakes are somewhat striking. Moreover it is sure that you will come across lots of photographers while on the way walking with the tripods as well as fancy cameras.

It requires almost about one hour for walking the length of these lakes. We simply walked back down the same route, on the other hand you could walk back by the side of the road as well as take a halt for having a meal or else take a trip to one of the various other (somewhat kitch looking) tourist attractions. I have marked both of the ends of this walk over map location. Moreover at the active end, you will come across a shopping area as well as you can lease boats and row over the largest amongst the lakes. In addition, there are a few enormous carp in the largest lake.

The various other major interesting things regarding this area are it looks for being a fairly busy ski area all through the winter months. There are hordes of ski fields and resorts.

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