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Japanese whiskey usually brings up a vision of Bill Murray with his ad campaign in the motion picture “lost in translation”. The reputation of this drink however over the past year has risen tremendously. The famous single malt by Nikka’s Yoichi and the Suntory’s Hibiki. This has been wining the World best single Malt and the best blend categories respectively. This all happens at the prestigious World whiskey awards. The Japanese offering into this category have continued to earn many awards and accolades almost every year.

Nikka Yoichi

There are specialist bars here offering you different types of domestically made whiskeys. If you really are a whiskey enthusiast then you should go and take a look at these spots unfailingly.

The Shot bar Zoetrope which is located at Nishi Shinjuku (813 3363 0162) is perhaps the only bar here within the twenty three wards of Tokyo which is dedicated to exploring the produce of japans distilleries.


This place has opened in the year two thousand and six by Atushi Honigami. This plays is essentially a cinephile which screens many silent movies on the back wall of the structure.

Zoetrope also offers you a wide array of local Libations. A good place to actually start would be the Yoichi Single Malt from nineteen ninety eight.

More exclusive than all this is the snifter of Ichiros Malt shot bar called the Zoetrope which has the third anniversary edition single malt which costs about thirteen hundred yen. There are about twenty six bottles that are limited in quantity made up of two hundred and sixty three bottles. There is an independent Ichiro’s Malt. This is actually softer than the Yoichi eighty eight. The specialty of this is you get a nice unique warm feeling that rolls up the tongue and then the whiskey just disappears in the ether.

Nikka Whiskeys have a Head quarters in the Aoyama neighborhood which is highly fashionable. The Nikka Blenders bar which is located in the Minami Aoyama district of Minato. You could reach them at 813 3498 3338.

Nikka Whiskeys

This bar usually offers only whiskeys of Nikka, however the visitors can try at creating their own blend based on a combination of about five of the many single malts and the one grained whiskey.

The blending set which costs about three thousand yen, includes six small glasses on a matt wooden tray, these are each paired with description like sweet and sherry, and salty and peaty. There are also ones called woody mellow.

Also , if you feel like what you are doing isn’t really going with what exactly it is you want then don’t worry the bar itself has its range of blends to magically cook up something amazing for you with the six available blends.

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