Beppu hot spring

Beppu is a very popular hot spring destination of Japan. Situated on the island of Kyushu, Beppu is Japan’s pride and it is estimated over a billion visitors pay visits to the spot annually. Beppu also possesses the largest bath range types from mud baths, steam baths, hot sand baths to the usual hot water bath.

Beppu Hapan hot springs

Beppu can into existence 17th century. It instantaneously became a famous spot because of the thousands of hot springs (pronounced onsen in Japanese). These spots are considered scared.

Besides enthralling visitors from around the world, Beppu ranks as the hot springs capital of Japan as it possesses the largest volume of hot water in the world besides Yellowstone. Beppu has 2,849 springs and 9 types of water, a world record. Additionally, Beppu is famous for some spectacular hot springs called Hells of Beppu, which are for only viewing purposes.

Beppu is split into the nine hells of Beppu. Some major hot spring areas include Beppu, Hamawaki, Horita, Myoban, Kannawa, Shibaseki, Kamegawa and Kitahama.

Nine hells of beppu

Beppu has pioneered research activities for medical treatment using these natural resources. Some facilities include health care, homes for the elderly and day care centers for rehabilitation processes. The results are slowly showing that the hot springs are a positive step towards a healthy lifestyle devoid of any diseases.

Japan is famous for a safe and efficient high-speed rail network and commuting to Beppu is best advised on these trains. The spot is easily accessible from Kokura Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen. One can then travel via the two direct express limited trains to Beppu. The tourist desk at station provides visitors with lists of pubic baths and other general information.

Once in Beppu, a visitor is spoilt for choice of hot spring resorts. The geysers and colorful hot pools at the geothermal sites are a delight to the human eye. The colors range from aquamarine to blood red. For bathing purposes, one is provided with waterslides, pools and indoor hot spring playgrounds. All the water in question here comes from natural hot springs. Once, a person is out of the water, it is believed that he must be cured of at least some minor defect. However, the best feature of a dip in these waters is that one feels relaxed like never before.

Takegawara is among the most famous bath houses in the area. Built in 1879, it boasts of the original architecture. Hamawaki is another must visit resort, famous for the rising hot water from under the sand on the beach, where it was built.

takegawara beppu

One of the reasons for the popularity of Beppu is the ideal location. Set up on a narrow strip and surrounded by the ocean on one side and the mountains on the other along with the ever rising pillars of steam, the place is a beauty to one’s eyes.

The local people of Beppu have not changed much over the decades. People still continue to use the public facilities of Beppu instead of their own bathrooms. This goes to show the value of the place in the hearts of the locals.

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