Akita, The Oriental Prefecture

Akita is a prefecture in Japan. A prefecture is a governmental body which is made of about four cities and has a capital. Unlike the rest of japan, Akita was; quite to its own. This was mostly because of the Dewa mountains that lie in between. Akita was mainly an uncivilized land that was inhabited by hunters and tribesmen.

Later on when one governor of one of the Japanese provinces decided to build fort in the Akita region, Japan then, made it officially; a part of them.

Akita is almost rectangular in shape with the Ou mountains to one side and the Dewa mountains in the center of it; both fairly parallel to each other.

Tourists come here to enjoy the culture and tropical magnificence of the region. Also, at lake Tazawa , the local Hot Springs are a big hit.

Facilities like hiking, jet skiing and other such activities are available.

Traditionally the Japanese are known for their traditional festivities like; Yokete Kamakura Festival, Akita Kanto and the Omagari fireworks festival.

Akita Kanto

A Korean Drama called Iris has a few scenes from the Akita prefecture and because of that, this place is usually visited a lot by Korean tourists.

While you are in Akita, be sure to check out the following places! You could travel around by the bus, taxi, bike or car. Akita has most buses starting from its station.

Walk around in the beautiful Senshu Park. Watch the cherry blossoms blooming during the spring season.

Senshu Park

Get to know more about the rich Japanese culture. Pay a visit to the Akarenga-kan Museum. This museum was built in 1912. It hosts various exhibitions of arts, crafts, and historical materials.
Got kids ? Take them on a wild adventure at Round One. Open 24 hours, Round One is one of its kind- indoor amusement park. Bring out that inner child in you by shooting some baskets at basketball court. There are lots of other fun things to do like roller skate, soccer, lots of video games and a variety of entertainment.
Kakunodate is one of Japan’s last true historical towns. Here you will find quite a lot of Samurai houses.

At the end of the day, all this fun is sure to spark a roaring appetite.

Here, The most well-known Akita dish is Kiritanpo. Kiritanpo is essentially a tube made of rice, generally served around a disposable chopstick. It is often roasted after being dipped into Miso paste. It can also be eaten in ‘Kiritanpo Nabe’, a stew of sliced Kiritanpo, vegetables, and chicken or fish, most commonly eaten during the winter.

Some of the restaurants you can check out, are :

  • Peacock is One of the top Indian restaurants in Akita. Here you can get a variety of famous Indian delicacies including a vegetarian or a non vegetarian cuisine, whichever floats your boat!
  • Taisho – the ‘Tsukemen’ at this restaurant is awesome. Something you definitely should try out.
  • Ebiya is famous for its Tantanmen. Japanese magazines rank Ebiya as the second best Ramen restaurant in Akita.

Akita is famous for its rice. Thats is why some of the best local sake is made here.

If you are looking for a true Asian experience and culture, then look no further!!Come to Akita where you will find a variety of beautiful sights and do try the local food. It has a reputation for tantalizing taste-buds!!

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