Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Komodo National Park is famous for being home to the Komodo Dragon or the Varanus komodoensis. These are the largest lizards in the world. A large lizard of upto ten feet length and three hundred lbs weight in general, the Komodo dragon is definitely a nasty customer.

These lizards are faster than most dogs and can swim, climb trees and stand on two feet for some time. Definitely superlative in all aspects, and quite higher up the food chain than humans. The tail is the primary weapon of the Komodo Dragon, and can deliver knock out swings of considerable power. The sharp teeth of the dragon inject lethal venom that can kill in eight hours.

The Komodo Dragon is a unique species that had its home in a bio diversity hotspot that is now threatened because of human encroachers. The Komodo National park was set up by the Indonesian Government in 1980 so that the Komodo Dragon species in the country, which numbered to more than two thousand five hundred, could be protected.

The park has other animals that are protected, such as macaque monkey (Macaca fascicularis), wild boar (Sus scrofa), wild buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) and Sunda deer (Cervus timorensis). In addition, there are a hundred and fifty species of birds.

The Komodo National Park was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. The par is situated two hundted miles from Bali, and is close to the Lesser Sunda group of islands. The park has the islands of Komodo, the Wae Wuul sanctuary on Flores Island, Motang, Nusa Kode, Padar and Rinca within it.

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