Tourist places in India – Part 1

What comes to my mind when I think of tourist places in India, I think about snake charmers, bullock carts loads of tantra and mantra. For any westerner India is still a land of gods and goddess. But don’t be surprised it was quite opposite of it. I started my visit to India landing in the British RAJ city or Calcutta or Kolkata.

Calcutta is India’s first modern city. This place over the years has gotten itself many names like, the black hole, the graveyard of the British Empire, the city of palaces. In the year two thousand and one the city was renamed Kolkata. This name is now more Bengali sounding. In fact this seems like it has been a city that is file with green shutters. These make the whole fixture of what seems like old Calcutta houses. These happen to glow in the heat of the afternoon. There are many trees that sprout from the many ledges with mold.

The city has honestly revealed itself in the past four years; there are many India tour packages available here which first take you around this amazing city n then you could continue onto other places around the country if you wish to.

Calcutta is one of the most happening tourist places in India. The city of Calcutta has revealed itself, one sleepy eye at a time. Today, the whole place is quite modern. This happens to be the first global city in the country.

The city has the remained of many worlds. The Chinese brought in the rickshaws, the Armenians the cemetery and during the war the Americans brought in Jazz.

The city has a lot of potential to eavesdrop. So if you understand English, then it is totally ok to start a conversation with a perfect stranger. You could also talk about anything like the weather or even Shakespeare for that matter.

Calcutta happens to be a place where people love their food. When you are looking for tourist palaces in India, Calcutta is so amazing because, over here you will find chefs who have served royalty and then they have come on here from the Mughal courts and brought in mutton rezala stew that is laced with cardamom. Cheese filled sambusas have been brought into Calcutta from the earlier Jews who had come here.

If you don’t have that much time to spare, then the best way to explore Calcutta would be to trace the route of the Hooghly, and from here you could meander on and off the main thoroughfares by foot. There is a tram, a subway system which is called the metro.

This is no way would be a luxury ride or anywhere along those lines. In fact the place would be grimy and a little dirty too. The history of the place is shown in almost every lane, almost like a diva in her aging days. And in fact Calcutta happens to be a place which was quite the diva once upon a time.

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