The Akshardham Temple in Delhi: A Place To Connect With The Almighty

India is a land of millions of Gods. It is here that people come in search of peace, solace and in a bid to connect to the Lords.

Delhi is one such place which is blessed with a spiritual and a religious place- Akshardham temple.

The Akshardham temple has an imposing structure as well as has a massive cultural complex. The temple is a reflection of the magnificent task and art of architecture as well as craftsmanship that made use of 12,000 tons of sandstone as well as white marble.

Akshardham temple

The temple expands across 100 acres located on the eastern banks of River Yamuna. Steel has not been utilized in this imposing structure which had cost an enormous sum of Rs. 200 crores. The entire structure was built over a period of five long years.

It was the effort, skill, perseverance of over 11,000 craftsmen working continuously for around 300 million man- hours. The main monument is 141 feet high, and has 239 ornately carved pillars and nine domes, and has a gold plated idol of the Lord Swaminarayan which is 11 feet high in height. Lord Swaminarayan is highly revered in India and has even won a lot of devotees from around the world. There also other idols of Lakshmi- Narayan, Shiv- Parvati, Radha- Krishna, and Sita –Ram. Besides this there are more than 20,000 idols of the disciples which have been carved on the inner side as well as the outside of the walls.

Lord swaminarayan

The campus also boasts of a boat ride which lasts for twelve minutes and will give you a Disneyland like experience. It will take you on a virtual tour through the rich Indian heritage which includes the model structures from the caves of Ajanta and Ellora.

The buildings in the campus also have carvings of 869 peacocks and 149 elephants, and lush green lawns and to have a feel of a picnic. You may also visit the exhibition halls to view a film on Lord Satyanarayan’s life or just take a corner and meditate and feel blessed.

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