Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary – resting in the western ghats of Kerala

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary is placed high up within the Western Ghats in Kerala. Covering a total area of almost 777 sq km of the semi-evergreen rain forest, this sanctuary shelters elephants, tigers, sambur, langurs, bison, as well as a host of numerous other smaller wildlife. Placed at the central area of this sanctuary is the lake, which was been created in the year 1895 the same as a water reservoir. In addition the Kerala Forestry Department makes available numerous boat trips on this lake, thus allowing the tourists to distinguish the reserve as of the water. While I visited this sanctuary it was a declared public holiday. Numerous local families in addition to guests as of overseas jam-packed on to the 4 boats that had been continuously working the entire day.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary

I went for the trip on the 4pm boat. This was actually an excellent choice as samburs as well as bisons were coming downward to the centrally located lake intended for their evening drink. The tourist boats motored by the side of the lake as well as passengers scanned the magnificent semi-evergreen tropical rain forest in favor of wildlife, sharing cameras as well as binoculars. A small number of sculptural dead trees that stood out as of the lake water. They might have been standing there for above a hundred years, from the time when the gorge was inundated: tropical hardwoods defying growing moldy. Cormorants dried out the wings or else built their nests within these protected havens.

Boat rides in Periyar

The expedition would have been meaningful simply in favor of the lake, mountain scenery, and forest, on the other hand, seeing that the boat curved a curvature, a gesture of enthusiasm ran round my co-passengers not necessary to mention but in me as well, all and sundry was looking in the direction of one single bank. Huge, grey as well as shining by means of wet mud, a complete family of the wild elephants was playing within the shallows, as well as scooping up the water and also squirting it all over themselves or else throwing the tufts of mucky grass around. In addition the parents’ elephants stood close up together along with as they encouraged a tiny elephant became visible sandwiched between their protecting bodies. A superior adolescent rolled into the mud alongside one more adult.

Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary Forest

The crew of the boat stopped the engine as well as its low trembling was substituted by means of the resonance of camera shutters, in addition to energized prattle as children enjoyed which was possibly their foremost prospect of elephants breathing naturally to a certain extent than working or else taking part for a temple pageant.

Subsequent to allowing a high-quality time to take pleasure in watching the family of the elephant, the boat squad turned back by the side of the lake. In addition the sun was then setting at the same time as the entire of the boats docked. Arriving in port, a few people waded in the unsoiled lake water as to cool off following the journey.

Back at the hotel where I stayed, the Spice Village located in Thekkady, I observed that old photographs as well as documents that dates back to the colonial times were placed on the walls inside the bar. At this juncture I came across a portrait of the Colonel John Pennycuick, who was the British Army engineer and had planned the water reservoir at the demand of the local ruler at that era, who was the Maharaja of Travancore. He had an aim of improving the supply of water to the neighboring Tamil Nadu State. This water is even today quite vital to the local financial system, in addition to providing the focal point of an improbable area of the natural rainforest that is sheltered as of development and disturbance.

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