Music Festivals in India

India is a country of festivals as the social fabric of India is formed of different states, languages, cultures, systems, religions, castes.

However India is famous for its religious, spiritual fairs but lately a new trend has set in, India is witnessing the biggest profusion of music festivals and nobody is happier then the tourist and the fans.

The skilfully and brilliantly executed and crafted music festivals held all over India are attracting huge tourists and travellers from distant countries.

The music festival unlike a 3 hour gig, it is an ultimate destination to meet likeminded people who love music, and the venues are held at exotic locations in hill stations, beaches, forts, deserts.

The concerts are a fusion of the east and the western music, classical music, vocal music, impromptu jam sessions by bands of different genres, and for price of one gig you get to see many bands.

Music Festivals in India

The festivals are multi sensory experiences that include flea markets, food bazaars, film screenings, book reading and adventure experiences.

The favourite locales for these music festivals are the beautiful beaches of Goa, or the royal palaces in Rajasthan, or the hot and cold desert of Jaisalmer in Rajasthan, the hep city of Mumbai, the cultural capital of India Pune, the rocking city of Bangalore or the hills of Coorg and mountains of Leh Ladakh.

The year 2013, India invites you for a must attend events like storm festival in Coorg, Indo surf festival in Orissa, Mahindra blues festival in Mumbai, York live festival in Nasik, trends laughter fest 2 in Bangalore, Spring Zouk in maple and many other events to follow.

The music festivals have become experiences of spending time with the geniuses of the music world and with friends away from the trappings of the civilisation. Also you may enjoy soulful music with Indian cuisine over a round of drinks.

The music festival in India is gaining frenzy all over the world.

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