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When in Asia, think India. This unbelievably intriguing country is a land of unity in diversity. With its varied culture and ancient tradition, the country exudes a charm that is hard to resist. With the majestic Himalayas smiling down at the country, the country is a land of rivers, beaches mountains and valleys all vying to get attention. This kaleidoscope of culture, art, tradition and festivals is seen in the cities that are spread across the country. If one comes here then one should know which the amazing spots to be visited are and which are the important tourist places in India.

Innumerable tour packages and a warm Indian tourism group ensures that the visitor is received with typical Indian affection and grandeur. The tourist places in India focus on exhibition of arts and crafts, sculptures and monuments of the past and the history that the country boasts of. The Taj Mahal, the Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Khajuraho temples, Fatehpur Sikri besides of course the Konark Sun Temple are some structures of mention. The tour packages not only take you across the amazing tourist places in India but also showcase the festivals and fairs that the country never runs out of. Besides this, India also is a land of Ayurveda which is visibly seen in Kerala, of vibrance and colors which is seen in the Thar desert in Rajasthan, and beaches as is seen in Goa. Whether it is cultural or festivals, seasons or monuments, India has it and in plenty.

Taj Mahal

Ajanta caves Ellora Caves Khajuraho temples Konark Sun Temple

The grandeur and magnificence is felt and experienced by the tourist in all the tourist places in India. The grand mansions of Havelis, palaces, the lovely greenery in the wildlife zones, the stupendously constructed forts, the crystal clear waters of the Indian rivers and the sand dunes in the desert states are a total feast for the tourist. Added to this the unique camel rides in Rajasthan are a cherry on the pie of Indian tourism.

Camel rides in Rajasthan

With its diversity of populace the castes and the tribes, the country is thus a perfect haven for a variety in cuisine. India – The land of extreme opposites with the chilly Himalayas and the boiling desert sands, the lovely cool hill stations and Kerala backwaters is a complete mixture of contrasts of culture, tradition and lifestyles. Yet the unified effect called India is seen everywhere and the fragrance of Indian is what makes these tourist places in India such a favourite amongst tourists.

Kerala backwaters

Go to Goa and experience the exotic, go to Rajasthan to feel the warmth, Go to Delhi to delve down into Indian History, go to Mumbai to see the chivalry of Indian heroes, visit Kolkata to sense the patriotism, live in Ladakh and feel grand amidst the Himalayan ranges, relax in the Kerala backwaters and you would have had your perfect amazing destination experience.

Ladakh himalayas

With all these facets and interesting places India – the land of colors, festivals, fairs and communities is obviously an amazing destination. An Indian tour would take the tourist to paradise beyond.

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