Jodhpur travel – A unique experience

Let us take a look at the ever beautiful and intoxicating walled city that you have visited. Over here you may have lived as though it must have always been in the many mansions, courtyards and the lanes which have been winding. The markets rise around the royal palace of the city. Jodhpur is a beautiful city which is walled. All this is a huge and beautiful country like India where people live together despite having different faiths and having conditions for living being quite meager. I realized on the very first day of my Jodhpur travel that this is an oasis in the desert with its rich history and culture.

The whole walled city hums with life and activity. If you walk around for five minutes, you will be able to see the sprawling bazaar which is under the clock tower. You might also get a chance to see bulbous clay pots which are used for storing water. There are hot coals and tools that date back almost five generation, you will get a see a beautiful girl who carries cold ice in a pail. You might also get a chance to see an elephant man. There are many women who remove petals from roses to make their garlands. There is also a man who sells antique locks and has a business on the side of making dentures.

This place lacks pavements. There are homes and shops which go down the narrow alleyways. Here you may be able to see children right on the rooftops. These children would be busy enjoying themselves flying kites and such, not too far away is the call for prayer.

When you pass the old mansions, you will be able to see the big gates at the entrances of their mansions. The balconies are usually quite beautifully carved. When you come to the Mehrangarh fort, you will get an idea of how the nobility here in Jodhpur lived once upon a time. This city has been the predominant home of the Maharajas since their fifteenth century. I never even thought in my dreams that on Jodhpur travel I’d get to see the lifestyle and other things belonging to the great rajput maharajas of this desert kingdom.

The fort is beautiful looking and it is quite breathtaking as well. When you go inside the fort there is quite a lot to see. There are many different styles of jeweled daggers and palanquins.This also happens to be the view of the city when it is spread out right to that point which makes it sublime.There are many hotels here in which you could accommodate yourself. When you stand at the ramparts, you will find that these placed are dazzled by big blue houses in which the Brahmins live. These are dotted all over the city. The Brahmins used to do this to have their houses distinguished from the rest of the people in the city.

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