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Subodh Gupta, who is based in Delhi, is known for creating sculptures that are made up of shiny kitchen ware.This person joined the list of Indian artists who has sold their work for more than a million dollars. Art has become quite huge in Delhi now, as more and more people have become earnestly enthusiastic about art. There are many places that have been setup in the city that have been designed for the purpose of commercializing art.

Subodh Gupta sculptures

Evidence of this, i.e. the intersection of art and commerce is found at the Atmaran Mansion at Kastruba Gandhi Marg in Cannaught place. This place has been opened by an investment firm and in a market place which is smack in the Indian Habitat Center. This place is the cities biggest hug. You cold also top up your coffee cup at the drip coffee maker.

You could pull out one of the Pantone color printed Seletti chairs that you could also buy. While you browse through the specialty section of the shop, be sure to check out the books on art, m architecture and photography. This store now hosts many cocktail parties for avid art collectors.

Once you are done with the above art gallery, then you should head to the Mocha art house. This place is located at the Promenade Mall located in Vasant Kunj. This place has most of the new malls o the city. The owners of this place have no issue regarding the location of this place as they believe that they bring art to people who least are expecting it.

Mocha Art house

A studio that is based in Delhi called Boxdesign actually curates the many artworks at the Mocha Art house. There is also a good collection of digital art and photography hat are on display over here. Most of the stuff here in the gallery is for sale, including the paintings and even he fork that you may use to have your meal.

O Palacio is the best of all the art galleries here. This place is located at the Hauz Rani, in the saket region of Delhi. This place used to earlier b the factory o Nakul Sen. Nakul is a famous fashion designer; he later changed this factory into a replica of a charming Portuguese villa. This mansion now has four room galleries and many boutiques and restaurants. The courtyard around the mansion is pebbled.

Zaza Home

This place is located at Zamrudpur. It has a furnishing shop that has a fine selection of local Kitschy wares and totes that are painted which are inspired by common Indian market bags. The top floor is essentially a large art gallery and later on a restaurant serving a Mediterranean cuisine, opened up here. The Triveni Kala Sangam which is located on Tansen Marg at the Bengali market has a gallery and a theater which is designed by Joseph Allen Stein.

Stein is a resident of Nebraska, when he came to Delhi during the fifties and the sixties. That was about the same time, Delhi was having its fling with modernism. From then on there have been many upcoming art talents and displays in this region. In fact art got integrated into the culture of the region. The work that is displayed here is quite avant-garde.

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