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The Kerala backwaters are the chains of the brackish lagoons as well as the lakes that are located parallel to the coastline of the Arabian Sea (acknowledged as the Malabar coastline) in the Kerala state located in southern India. This network takes account of five outsized lakes that are been linked by means of canals, both the manmade as well as natural one, fed by means of almost 38 rivers, as well as broadening virtually to half of the total length of the state of Kerala. These backwaters were shaped by means of the action of the waves as well as the shore currents that created the low barrier islands athwart the mouths of the countless rivers that flow downwards from the mountain range of the Western Ghats.

Kerala backwaters

In addition the Kerala Backwaters are a set-up of unified canals, lakes, rivers, as well as the inlets, a intricate system that is been formed by means of above 900 km of the waterways, as well as every now and then evaluated to the American Bayou. Located in the middle of this countryside there are several towns as well as cities, which substitute for the opening as well as the end points of the backwater cruises. In addition National Waterway No. 3 that connects from Kollam with Kottapuram, covers a total distance of almost 205 km as well as runs approximately parallel to this shoreline of southern Kerala that facilitates both movement of cargo along with backwater tourism.

Kerala Backwaters Houseboat

These backwaters have an only one of its kind ecological unit – freshwater as of the various rivers meets up with the seawater as of the Arabian Sea. In assured areas, for instance the Vembanad Kayal, where a volley has been constructed in close proximity to Kumarakom, and the salt water coming from the sea is been prevented from piercing deep inside, and also this keeps the fresh water in one piece. Such sort of fresh water is expansively used for the purposes of irrigation.

Vembanad Kayal

A lot of exceptional species of the aquatic life, which includes crabs, frogs as well as mudskippers, also the water birds for instance kingfishers, terns, darters as well as cormorants, along with animals for instance otters as well as turtles reside within and at the side of these backwaters. Pandanus shrubs, Palm trees, a variety of leafy plants as well as bushes grow at the side of the backwaters, which provide a green tinge to the neighboring scenery.

Vembanad Kayal is regarded as the largest of all the lakes, moreover covers a total area of almost 200 sq kms, as well as enclosed by Alappuzha (also known as Alleppey), Ernakulam and Kottayam districts. The dock of Kochi (also known as Cochin) is positioned at the outlet of the lake to the Arabian Sea. In addition Alleppey, is known as the “Venice of the East”, moreover has huge net of canals that wander all the way through the township. Vembanad is recognized as the longest lake in India.

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