Compelling pull of the Ladakh

Ladakh, it’s the most mesmerizing place on earth, it allures your every sensory, eyes will feast on the scenery, nose will get refreshed by such fresh air, no pollution at all, and ears will love the rhythm of the rivers gushing and you will taste the simple meal cooked by natives, and taste will linger in your mouth.

Just a page is not enough even to write a simple summary for Ladakh. Taking a page out of my diary from the tour to Ladakh, I will take you to one marvel and astonishing place on this earth.

Exception to the Law of Gravity

I was met there by Fungshu Wangdu, he was the guide with us on our tour to Ladakh. He just informed us that he is taking us to see one of the wonder of earth and something that says that there are forces far beyond human can ever understand and something that will truly make you understand the miracle of God.

I was all excited and really wanted to know, see, feel or whatever this place or thing is. We took a scenic route, which in itself was so beautiful to see the different hues of mountains on our way, the hills and mountains bear different colors as if all are dressed up to make an impression on the visitor some one were white laden with snow, also some were black and grey in color and in those we could see some hills and mountains filled with red, orange and green color. In ladakh it seems the time also moves in leisure, coz these holidays were best time of my life. We were on Leh-Kargil-Baltic National Highway, we were supposed to go to some hill which is some 30kms from the town of Leh, at some elevation of 14,000 feet above sea level (it was cold). The whole journey had this beautiful and absolutely amazing panoramic view, the vista had Sindhu River flowing with us on our eastern side which Fungshu Wangdu told us is originating from Tibet.

Ladakh India

And as we arrived to that hill, Fungshu Wangdu, asked the driver to switch off engine and he said that now car will move uphill by its own. And trust me that miracle did happen! Miraculous! Incredible and truly and absolutely amazing! I wana tel you this again, my car ( that is Toyota’s Land Rover-this huge and sexy car) moved at some 20 kms per hour’s speed, it was moving up with the engines off. I saw that engines was off. It was marvelous and something really out of world experience coz we had never heard that there is any exception to the law of gravity that is a thing not in motion is defying gravity and moving up a steep slope of this mountain, just so unbelievable isn’t it? Yet this is miracle of Ladakh, of the incredible India, of sign of presence of supreme power and amid all the Himalayan wonders this one is far by the most wonderful. The hill has some magnetic properties which pulls the vehicle a top.

There was a bill board put there explaining this admiring and simply mind boggling phenomenon by the local administration there, so that people who pass from there can enjoy this experience first hand as they pass on this hill.

We placed the vehicle on that specific spot on that road and of course with the engines power is off, and noticed the vehicle moving up and we did this again and again and as we redo this exercise we were equally excited each time.

Our guide also informed us that not only the vehicles but helicopters and aircrafts feel the magnetic pull and impact thus these helicopters and aircrafts that have to pass through this area has to go on greater speed to avoid the impact of this magnetic hill. And if the aircraft come within radius of Magnetic hill it starts to jerk. Indian Air force pilots always steer clear of this Magnetic Hill.

And there were series of questions in my mind as why did this happen? How? What? In reality it is some optical illusion and gravity pull of that hill with magnetic properties. In this the lay out of surrounding land produces a optical illusion, that is a very slight downhill slope appears to be an uphill slop and thus the car left out of gear appears to be rolling up. Well there is some scientific reason that has been discovered for this, yet it makes it truly remarkable for still this creation which is natural and not manmade which makes it a wonder other then hullabaloo of science.

Fungshu Wangdu gave us this wonderful experience and we really loved the whole tour of Ladakh and especially the Magnetic Hill. The enigma and mystique of Ladakh makes it a mysterious land which is shrouded all in myths and legends, it is a land of endless discoveries and “A hermit kingdom of snow carved peaks, barren but stunning terrain, mystic culture and translucent lakes” it is really a beautiful place which no words can ever even think of describing it.

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